“Meetsy helps people feel like they’re not alone in what can be a lonely job.”
Adam Weber
SVP of Community, 15Five
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15Five's HR Superstars is a community that aims to elevate the Human Resources profession and encourage HR pros and leaders to become more strategic.

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Between the move to remote and hybrid work, the influx of millennials and Gen Z into the workforce, and the Great Resignation, Human Resources professionals have seen a sudden, huge shift in how the world works. 

“If you think about what's going on in their world, 98% of HR professionals are facing burnout and mental health issues because they're dealing with legitimate challenges,” says Adam Weber, SVP of Community at 15Five.

The 15Five team found that HR professionals lacked a space to gather and talk about the demands and pressures of their rapidly changing reality. So they created one — HR Superstars, the community for HR professionals that’s open to both 15Five’s customers as well as non-customers who work in HR. 

Launched in June 2021, the HR Superstars community today has over 5,000 members.

The challenge

Create meaningful one-on-one connections and add value in a large community 

With 5,400 community members and counting, the HR Superstars community is thriving. Of course, in a community of that size, there's always the risk members may feel overwhelmed and lack personal connections — which Adam wanted to avoid at all costs.

“There are more than 5,000 people in the community, and so the question is, ‘how do you take a large community and make it feel personal?’,” says Adam. 

He faced two big challenges:

  • Creating meaningful relationships between members in a large community
  • Adding tangible value to 15Five’s customers

Both these tasks were a tall order for the two-person Community team, who were determined to manage the HR Superstars community in a way that scaled. 

That’s where Meetsy came in.

“Meetsy brings the community to life.”
Adam Weber
SVP of Community, 15Five

The solution 

Create targeted opportunities for members to connect

Adam wanted the community to create customer delight outside of the product and increase customer retention, so he created multiple, specific opportunities for members to connect. 15Five uses Meetsy to bring community members together with three different match programs:

  • HR Superstars Connect: an open match program that any community member can join, including non-customers
  • 15Five HR Customers Connect: a private match program for customers only
  • 15Five Executive Customer Networking: a private, invite-only match program for Executive customers.

Meetsy has had a tangible impact on the company, customers, and even the industry as a whole, Adam says.

“We're one of the most forward-thinking, progressive HR tech companies in the world. And so the people who buy our product are some of the most innovative HR leaders in the world,” he says. “By connecting them to each other, they’re not just talking about 15Five. It's about the next iteration, the next innovation."

The customer community is especially important to 15Five’s business goals, Adam says — the Executive Customer Networking match program has already had millions of dollars of impact on renewals. “Meetsy is adding unique, differentiated value to our customers and is a solid retention boost for the business.”

Adam has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from members. At THRIVE, 15Five's industry conference, Adam says he met members who told him they love Meetsy and have made some powerful connections through it.

“There's nothing like having a conversation with another person who's ‘in it’ — and just to feel seen,” says Adam. “One of the cool things about Meetsy is that it helps people feel like they’re not alone in what can be a lonely job.”

Here's a look at some feedback 15Five has received from HR Superstars members after their Meetsy matches:

"We had a great open conversation, sharing. Good match as our company size and budget constraints were similar." — Jackie, 15Five customer & HR Superstar
"This was a great experience. I truly enjoyed meeting Mason and we mostly chatted about how we use 15Five and getting the most out of it. We also talked about our HR practices and shared tips and ideas. Overall a super enjoyable meeting. Thank you for creating this platform for me to meet like-minded HR Superstars. P.S. The prompts were pretty neat just in case we needed them!" — Pam, 15Five customer & HR Superstar
"Lisa was absolutely wonderful! She encouraged me to get PHR certified through HRCI and I'm now putting together an RPF to present to my boss about getting this done!" — Gabby, HR Superstar
Other things 15Five loves about Meetsy

Increases and improves community engagement

Adam doesn’t just see the positive effects of Meetsy in Meetsy — the ripple effect goes back to the HR Superstars community platform too. 

“We use Meetsy to strategically match people up so the community doesn't just feel small, it actually is small to them. They build meaningful relationships with other people,” says Adam. “Meetsy brings the community to life. It makes the whole thing feel personal as opposed to just being a digital platform. It goes back to the community platform, and people interact with each other in a more human way.”

Measure business outcomes

Adam uses Meetsy’s analytics tool to track how many customers are in the Meetsy program, what their total contract value is. He uses this data to report on how the customer community is impacting 15Five’s business goals. “It’s a measurable business outcome that's making a meaningful difference inside the business and impact to our company that isn't overly time consuming for me to manage,” he says. “The time that I have to put into it compared to the impact is pretty significant.”

Easy to use

Meetsy does much of the heavy lifting for Adam and members alike, making it a smooth experience all around. “Meetsy is brilliant and super easy. It’s easy to sign up for, and it makes natural matches,” says Adam.

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