“Meetsy is not just a simple way to connect people. It's a way to learn and grow as a professional.”
Nisha Baxi
Director of Community, Gong
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The Gong Community mission is to inspire the next generation of revenue leaders and practitioners by bringing them together.

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The team at Gong noticed a recurring theme in its interactions with customers: there was an appetite for customers to connect with one another.

Gong was already hosting events and running customer advisory boards, and the consistent feedback was that customers wanted to continue connecting beyond these channels. “We wanted to create that opportunity for them in a meaningful way that would stand the test of time,” says Nisha Baxi, Director of Community at Gong.

The team launched the Gong Community in July 2021, and one year later it serves 3,000 members that include Gong customers as well as non-customers who work in Revenue Intelligence.

The challenge

Build meaningful one-on-one connections between members that can scale

Gong offers many ways for members to connect and learn about their product and Revenue Intelligence — virtual and in-person events, the Gong Academy, and the community, which facilitates conversations on everything from revenue tips to product training. 

But Nisha knew even before the community launched that they would need to do more. Every Gong customer she’d interviewed had told her the same thing — they wanted to meet people, one-on-one, who shared the same challenges or worked in similar roles. 

The platform they use for their community didn’t have this capability, and to manually make one-on-one connections between thousands of people is a mammoth task. It’s not just about connecting two members at random — to make meaningful connections, Nisha would have to learn more about their members and then connect them in a way that would be mutually beneficial for them. In addition to the manual work involved, it would also take up a lot of mental bandwidth and require calling in favors, says Nisha.

Luckily, she already knew about the perfect solution: Meetsy by Commsor.

“People want it to be easy to connect with someone else, and Meetsy is by far the easiest way.”
Nisha Baxi
Director of Community, Gong

The solution

Multiple one-on-one connection opportunities for every category of member

Meetsy provides exactly what Gong’s customers specifically asked for, and Nisha knew the community would be most successful if it launched with Meetsy as a core facet of the community programming. “It wouldn’t have been right to launch the community without Meetsy. Making stronger connections was the one thing customers said they wanted. I’d have failed as a community professional if I did not meet those needs from the get go,” says Nisha.

Members currently have three potential opportunities to connect with others, depending on whether or not they are customers:

  1. Customer members only: connections exclusively between Gong customers
  2. Non-customer members: connections between revenue intelligence professionals who aren’t Gong customers (open to customers who want to connect with non-customers)
  3. Women in Revenue: connections between women in the community (open to both customers and non-customers)

“What's amazing with Meetsy is that any variation is possible. You decide what you need, and from a technical perspective there's always a way to make it work,” says Nisha. “Bradley [Tramer, GM at Meetsy] is brilliant and so easy to work with. He understood exactly what I was trying to do and helped me put it together.”

With 600 introductions made in the first year, Meetsy has received overwhelmingly positive feedback from members. Nisha now wants to integrate it into the customer journey from the get-go. “Meetsy is not just a simple way to connect people. It's a way to learn and grow as a professional. And I just can't imagine the community without it,” says Nisha.

Other things about Meetsy that Gong loves

Member directory

Nisha finds Meetsy’s member directory extremely valuable for the Gong Community. “Sometimes people are very clear about who they want to meet, and they can scan through everyone that has signed up and request a meeting,” she says.

Frictionless meeting scheduling

“I love how easy it is to set up a meeting. Meetsy is automatic — it’ll connect you, look at your calendar, see when you’re free, and a meeting will pop up on your calendar,” says Nisha.

“There’s no back and forth. When you schedule meetings with Meetsy there’s no friction at all, which is very, very helpful. People want it to be easy to connect with someone else, and Meetsy is by far the easiest way.”

Speed of innovation

“The team at Meetsy really understands shipping and iterating, moving quickly, and helping Community Managers get what they need. It isn't just a product you get that will stay that way forever. I love that it's constantly evolving,” says Nisha.

“There have been so many innovations in the Community world over the past few years, this is by far the most exciting and impactful!”

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