"There would be no way for me to manually do the things Commsor helps me do."
Erin O'Neill
Head of Community, RevOps Co-op
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RevOps Co-op
RevOps Co-op

RevOps Co-op is a community for professionals working in revenue operations, whether as Revenue Operations Managers or Sales Operations, Customer Success, or Marketing Managers.

Products Used

When Founder and CEO Matt Volm started doing market research for FunnelIQ’s revenue command center product, he quickly realized that revenue operations professionals wanted to connect with each other.

So he created a way for them to do it.

RevOps Co-op was born in September 2020. Matt, already a member of The Community Club, modeled the RevOps Co-op website and Slack community after the Club.

It worked — revenue operations professionals from all over the world joined in droves, happy to finally have a home to network, share resources, and learn from the experience of others in the industry.

Right now, RevOps Co-op boasts 3,500 members — and counting.

The challenge

Managing a fast-growing community with a very small team

RevOps Co-op operates independently of FunnelIQ and is managed by a relatively small team.

In fact, small is a bit of an understatement. RevOps Co-op’s Head of Community, Erin O'Neill, is currently a mighty team of one.

Erin (who was hired through The Community Club’s Talent Network) does have the support of some contractors and her FunnelIQ teammates. But being the only community pro managing a highly engaged community of thousands — one that grows by up to about 80 members every week — is no mean feat.

Along with day-to-day community management, including onboarding, moderation, and tracking metrics, Erin manages a jam-packed calendar of content and events.

With all that going on, it’s little wonder the community is seeing such growth. How does she juggle it all?

"CommsorOS helps me track and manage the health of our community."
Erin O'Neill
Head of Community, RevOps Co-op

The solution


Erin relies on both of Commsor’s products to help her tackle everything from community analytics to facilitating one-to-one connections.

“There would be no way for me to manually do the things Commsor helps me do,” she says. “I just wouldn't be able to do it.”

“CommsorOS gives me visibility into the kinds of people in our community, which helps me with targeted messaging and tracking the health of our community,” Erin says.

At the end of every week, Erin takes a deep dive into RevOps Co-op’s analytics — like growth and engagement rates — with CommsorOS. She then uses that data to map out the success of content, events, and other initiatives she’s run that week, tweaking her strategy if she thinks it necessary.

Another of Erin’s favorite CommsorOS features is segmentation. “The value of being able to organize members in this way can’t be underestimated,” Erin says.

“Segmentation is huge for me — I use this feature daily. I’ve created major segments that organize our members by role, location, and engagement level.”


A recent RevOps Co-op survey revealed that their members were hungry for a way to connect with others, one-to-one.

“It was a beautiful coincidence because I was already exploring Meetsy,” Erin says. “We had a hunch those targeted connections were important to them.”

They were able to launch a RevOps Co-op group on Meetsy soon after. In the 6 months they’ve been using Meetsy, over 200 members have joined, with more than 600 meaningful matches made.

Now, Erin has built Meetsy into her new member onboarding process. “In their first week or two, new members will get an email and a Slack DM explaining all the ways they can get involved, and one of those is a link to a Meetsy invite. It works really well — we have new members signing up daily.”

The best part? There’s no extra effort involved for Erin. “Networking with peers and mentorship are both central to the focus of our community, and Meetsy automates everything from start to finish. That's huge for our community.”

Other features RevOps Co-op love

Re-engaging recently inactive members

CommsorOS helps Erin easily pull a list of members who have become recently inactive. With that data, she launches an automated sequence of emails in her email client — what she calls a “nurture campaign”. Those emails boast an impressive 69% open rate, and Erin will often receive responses from members, thanking her for the community reminder.

Custom segments

Erin also uses segmentation to create ad-hoc segments based on specific needs. “For example, if we do a Slack AMA, I’ll create a segment of people that have been recently active, who will likely be open to help me facilitate that event,” she explains.

Customizable matching in Meetsy

“The Match Programs are great. I love how I can customize and tweak them as I go along. It’s useful that people can choose their own matches, too. It effectively gives our members a directory, so they can find the perfect person to help them if they’re looking for advice in a specific area.”

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