Hey, we’re Commsor - the community operating system for your entire company.

Commsor integrates with all the tools you already use, tying your community together and enabling you to unlock insights, measure impact, and build a Community-Led company.

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Trusted by community-led companies

No more spreadsheets. No more guessing.

Finally, a repeatable way to grow, engage and measure all of your community efforts.

The old way

Are you struggling with:
Disconnected community channels
Lack of insights on your community and members
Quantifying the value of your community efforts

The Commsor way

What if you could:
Connect your tools and see everything in one place
Truly understand how your community engages
Prove the value and impact of your community efforts

What to expect from Commsor

At Commsor, we're building the Community Operating System to give community managers access to all the tools they need to elevate themselves within their organizations.

Truly know your community and your members

The days of guessing how your members engage and interact are over. With Commsor, you get a high-level overview of your community and an in-depth look at individual members and their activities across multiple channels.

Understand the impact of your community

Community impact can finally be realized as tangible metrics. Commsor ties your community initiatives back to your company goals, demonstrating community impact on sales, marketing, support, success, and more.

“Commsor is so valuable from an engagement perspective - not only does it evaluate and show me the health of my overall community, but it also allows me to be a much more proactive contributor within my organization."
Photo of Adam Fry-Pierce

Adam Fry-Pierce
Creator & Curator of the Design Leadership Forum

Connect all your community channels together

Building workarounds and merging data from different tools are a thing of the past. Commsor integrates with your favorite software, making it easier than ever before to see how (and where) your community is connecting with your company and with other members within your community.

“Commsor makes managing my community much easier and efficient. What used to take me several hours per day now takes me 1 hour or less! I'm a huge fan of what you're building."

Keegan Otter
Head of Community Engagement & Partnerships
@ RevOps Co-op

Automate the manual and put time back into your community

Too often, the important foundational elements of building a thriving community are bogged down by endless administrative tasks. Commsor automates work that prevents you from spending your time doing what matters most — building relationships and empowering your community members.

Community-led companies are the future

Community scales your business, resources, and presence in ways that traditional marketing or advertising channels can't. When done right, community enables and improves customer acquisition, streamlines support and success, bolsters retention, and provides crucial product insights.

We’re not a software company, we’re a community company. Read our Declaration -> 

Loved by community builders

Holly Firestone
Holly Firestone
Head of Community @ Venafi

"The first time I saw Commsor, I remember audibly yelling "YES!" while they were walking me through everything it can and will do. I've been working in the Community field for over 10 years now. Commsor is building exactly what I've needed every single moment of those 10 years– it just didn’t exist before.

Before Commsor, I was driving to my destination using a crumpled paper map to navigate. Now, with Commsor, I’ve got a best in class GPS system that’s going to get me exactly where I need to go in the smartest, most efficient way possible."

Mindaugas Petrutis
Program Director @ On Deck

"I came across Commsor when it was just a cryptic website and a prototype, my immediate thought was that if they can execute on just 10% of the vision, I’d like to give Commsor all my monies. Well, they’re doing just that and a lot more. I can see it becoming the Community OS standard in the very near future."

Tristan Lombard
Community Manager @ Testim

"Commsor provides us the in-depth analytics, automated onboarding, and integrations that our community of engineers deserve! We couldn't have scaled so quickly without Commsor and love this platform."

Erik Martin
Chief Community Officer @ Teal

"Do you like being able to surface and understand patterns in your community? Do like being able to learn about both individuals and segments within your community? Do you like easy to use analytics that help illustrate what's driving engagement? How about integrations with the other tools you already use? Pretty sure you'll like Commsor."

Unlock the full potential of your community

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