Hey, we’re Commsor and we're building a Go-to-Network future.

The days of volume and spray and pray are over. Instead of growth at all costs, companies need to adopt profitable, efficient growth strategies and channels.

Predictable revenue turned out to not be so predictable after all.

Win rates across the board are (still) down 15%.

Sales cycles are 32% longer.

The amount of outbound activities required to get an opportunity into pipeline has increased 400-500% in the past five years.

And buyers are changing how they buy

Buyers are more empowered than ever. They expect transparency and a good buyer experience. They turn to their peers, colleagues, and communities to make buying decisions.

84% of B2B buyers start the buying process with some form of referral.

Roughly 33% of B2B buyers don’t trust salespeople, and 88% of buyers only buy when they view a salesperson as a ‘trusted advisor’.

Referrals and intros convert 30-40% more than deals sourced through direct channels.

Enter Go-to-Network

At the core, Go-to-Network (GTN) represents a strategic approach where businesses create and activate networks including their investors, community, partners, etc, to drive growth.

Rather than trying to directly go to the market, GTN focuses on creating authentic relationships and connections that bring the market to you.

We’re no strangers to pioneering new strategies and approaches to growth. Back in 2019 we were at the forefront of defining the Community-Led Growth frameworks and systems.

Tactics are temporary. Your network is forever.