Feb 27, 2024

The House of Authentic of Connections Smells Like Cookies: Grove Cookie Company x Commsor

Ben Regier

Commsor and Grove Cookie Company are building the future of Go-to-Network with the sweetest relationship enhancement – cookies!

There is a warm, sweet fragrance floating throughout the air in the House of Authentic Connections – wait, is someone baking cookies?!

I remember the first time I received a box of cookies from Grove Cookie Company.

It was June 2023 and I had just participated in a giveaway hosted by Tyler Washington. I can’t remember the exact premise, but it was a spin-the-wheel type of raffle where you’d win if the virtual arrow landed on your name.

I remember watching the arrow spin around and it landed a just a hair away from my name. “Bummer!” I thought. I sent Tyler a message thanking him for allowing me to participate and mentioned how cool I thought the giveaway was. A few minutes later he messaged back with a link to accept some Grove Cookie Company cookies!

I hadn’t heard of that company yet but I expected it would be a standard box of cookies. Delicious? Of course, but surely nothing out of the ordinary. I was sorely mistaken. A few days later the box arrived and instead what I found was a stack of six carefully wrapped, soft baked cookies. No joke, these things had a texture as if they’d just come out of the oven. Naturally, my wife and I crushed the entire stack on the spot. And so I was introduced to Grove Cookie Company.

At the time, the Commsor team was attending an upcoming event in Nashville, Tennessee and we loved Grove Cookie Company cookies so much we ordered six dozen individually wrapped cookies to hand out at our booth. Of course they were a massive hit!

If you haven’t caught on yet, Commsor and Grove Cookie Company have joined oven mitts not only as partners, but as friends who share in the Go-to-Network mindset as a core business strategy.

Grayson Hogard and team not only employ the Go-to-Network mindset in driving their own business forward, but they even empower revenue professionals to leverage their own networks through a very tasty approach to relationship enhancement: sending cookies!

Grove Cookie Company uses a self-coined term they call relationship enhancement. In the world of business-to-business marketing and sales, much of the way we communicate with customers and prospects is wrapped up in some sort of digital medium whether it’s by video, phone, email or messaging. Grayson, the Founder of Grove Cookie Company, steps outside of that digital bubble with their entire business strategy: “We send cookies to grow new relationships, nurture current relationships, and open doors to new partners.”

If you’ve opened LinkedIn in the last six months, chances are you’ve seen a video or image post of someone posing with their stack of six freshly-baked, Grove cookies. More often than not, you’ll find that post accompanied by a warm note thanking another person for thinking of them.

And this brings me back to that idea of the digital bubble. In a world that is saturated with endless emails, phone calls and messages, Grove Cookie Company helps revenue professionals enhance relationships with customers, prospects and their community in a way that stands apart and simply makes us want to share it with the world!

Kalen Olson, Director of Partnerships at Grove Cookie Company, shares how this practice is core to their business: “We’re all about relationship enhancement strategies through Go-to-Network practices. Sending people cookies enhances relationships and ultimately business outcomes.”

We are in the midst of a massive shift where businesses and organizations are no longer the atomic unit of measurement – people are. And when people become the atomic unit of business, authentic relationships become the currency. And when authentic relationships become the currency, cookies become a way to do business.

Together, Commsor and Grove Cookie Company are building for that very future. Grayson summarizes this: “The entire ethos of Commsor directly relates to what we’re doing here at Grove Cookie Company from building relationships, fostering relationships, and ultimately utilizing those relationships to further revenue.”

Commsor is proud to stand shoulder-to-shoulder with Grove Cookie Company as we help people invest and pour into the networks, communities, and relationships around them.

Take Kalen’s word for it: “The House of Authentic Connections smells real good with some cookies in it!”