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Feb 28, 2024

Women Making Waves With Go-To-Network: Wednesday Women x Commsor

Katrine Reddin

Commsor and Wednesday Women are partnering up to make waves!

A pterodactyl screech. Chicken wings everywhere. Incredibly, and I mean incredibly spicy hot sauce. Wide eyes. Hands flapping in the air and desperate calls for water.

This is probably not the scene you expected as the start of a professional partnership.

Last October, the Commsor team brought Hot Intros to GTM 2023, where we filmed various revenue leaders answering spicy GTM questions while eating progressively spicier wings. Two of those Hot Intros participants were Melissa Moody and Leslie Greenwood. 

From right to left: Melissa Moody, Mac Reddin, and Leslie Greenwood

Leslie and Melissa left our team with more than just hilarious footage of dinosaur impressions and tears rolling down their faces - they left us inspired by the concept of Wednesday Women, an organization dedicated to elevating women executives. 

We immediately knew we had to be a part of their wave.  

Why? Let’s take a look at some eye opening stats.

15.7% - The percentage of founders in North America that are women.

31.7% - The percentage of women who hold top executive positions across all industries.

$0.82 - The amount women earn for every $1 a man makes. 

131 years - The amount of years the WEF predicts it will take to see gender economic parity – which keeps increasing every year.

The mission of Wednesday Women is simple: to increase visibility for outstanding women executives – in social feeds, on stages, panels, and podcasts.

By providing more examples of extraordinary executive female leadership, Wednesday Women directly addresses this disparity. Their content and events and efforts inspire everyone (women and men) to celebrate women in leadership. Their goal is to be the go-to resource so you never hear the phrase “but I don’t know any other woman CEOs/founders/leaders” again. 

Now at this point, you might be saying “That sounds like a  great cause, but what does this have anything to do with Commsor?”

Our answer? Everything.

At Commsor, our mission is to help people and their organizations build engaged and active networks. If 56.8% of the US workforce (the percentage of women in the workforce) is far from equal when it comes to participation and recognition in that network, whether it’s pay or leadership opportunities, then that’s a major obstacle for our mission.

Building an engaged and active network willing to elevate the voices of and open doors for women is core to changing the narrative for women in the workforce, and Commsor’s products are helping push companies, organizations, and individuals in that direction with Matcha and Bronto.

Wednesday Women is working towards the same agenda, a shift in mindset of how we all do business by bringing deserved attention and compensation to women executives. 

In other words, we represent different forms of the ‘go-to-network’ strategy but we are riding the same wave.  

This shift is important because the people in our network - authentic relationships we’ve built - make all the difference. It’s these connections that refer us to our next job, open the door to a sale, lead us to our mentors, find new partners (like Wednesday Women), and ultimately, is what will help women get the opportunities they deserve. 

Like Commsor, Wednesday Women believes that small gestures and 1:1 connections have an outsized impact on growth. 

This year, their team has big plans - more featured women, more in-person events, and coming soon: they’ll be facilitating curated 1:1 connections through their very own Matcha group (yay!).

They’re tapping into their networks and enabling their mission to happen. 

And the Commsor team is so honored to be a part of that mission. We are proud to have Wednesday Women as members and partners of the House of Authentic Connections and we know that the ripples they make will turn into massive waves.

If you would like to support their mission, be sure to follow Wednesday Women, Melissa Moody and Leslie Greenwood