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Nov 3, 2021

100 Reasons to Love Community

Kirsti Lang

A big, industry-wide group hug.

Over at Commsor and The Community Club, we just love an anniversary. So we couldn't let this one go by without putting together something extra special to mark the occasion.

It's a pretty big one too: our 100th (!) issue of Community Club Weekly hit inboxes this week. To celebrate, we asked community lovers from Connecticut to Cape Town to share the reason they love community — be it why they love working in the industry, a time community had a positive impact on their lives, or why they believe Community-Led companies are the future.

As one of the members of The Community Club, our community for community professionals, put it, this reads like a big industry-wide group hug.

Here's why 100 different humans from all over the world love community.

'There's nothing more powerful'

1. "Part of the magic of community is that we as professionals get to champion others on a regular basis. To help them share their stories. To empower them to reach greater heights. To be a "fan of the fans" as Christina Garnett so aptly puts it. Can it be challenging because of its people-oriented nature? Yes. Is it wildly rewarding? Also yes." — Erica Moss, Sr. Manager, Community Engagement @ Atlassian

2. "My favorite thing about community is connection. Meeting people all over the world who share similar values and interests never gets old. I have never felt this inspired and connected before becoming a Community Manager." — Max Pete, Community Manager @ Freelance Founders

3. "I love community because I like helping connect people with each other and with resources. Life is better connected!" — Bethany Beaudrie, Talent Development Operations Analyst @ Salesforce

4. "There’s nothing more powerful than a community — a group of people who 'get it' and support you through it all. I love that I can be honest and vulnerable about challenges and get real advice from others who’ve been through something similar." — Jocelyn Hsu, Senior Manager, Creator Community @ Picsart

5. "Why do I think community is so powerful? Community dates back to the era of humans forming a civilization. It is in our nature to want to build relationships and be connected to our tribe. Fast-forward to modern society, and we find that community is still as foundational and necessary as ever. We experienced a major global pandemic that isolated humans from each other. This taught us that human connections and a sense of belonging are essential for humanity. Community is all around us, whether it's in-person or digital." — Krystal Wu, Community Manager @ Shopify

6. "Because when done right, it’s a win-win for all involved — our community members, our company, our products we build... And you can’t beat that!" — Jon Siddoway, Product Community Manager @ Mozilla

7. "We've never been so alone as we have been over the past two years. On top of that, traditional frameworks and spaces for fellowship, like organized religion, don't resonate with people as much as they once did. Community fills that gap and joins us in a way that honors our authentic selves. In a world where things feel out of our control, it's a space that we can own, and we can do it together." — Heather Merrick, Customer Support Manager & founder of the Seattle Parents Club

8. "It’s the only place I’ve ever truly belonged." — Brian Oblinger Strategic Community Consultant, Host @ In Before The Lock Podcast, Advisor @ Commsor

9. "Working in community uncovers deeper creative connections through collaboration and understanding, patience and exploration. We are built to share and discover being human in this world together and it is through community that we are able to do so."  — Nicole Botha, Senior Forensic Investigator @ Luno

10. "Brands that have thoughtful communities that exist to connect members and create value beyond selling their products are the future. Through organic connection and placing a priority on resource sharing, brands will see a return on their investment." — Reina Pomeroy, Head of Community @ Modern Fertility

'Community helped me learn about my identity'

11. "Community had a positive impact on my life when I was coming out. Around the time I was trying to find my community, I ended up being able to launch the community at the HER App. Preparing for this launch, along with working at the company, had me talking to amazing people, putting myself into more LGBTQ+ spaces, and learning-learning-learning. Because of this, I was able to learn more about my identity, become an advocate for the varying identities in the LGBTQ+ community, celebrate the community and create a safe space for people to be unapologetically themselves. I couldn't be more grateful for the groups, couples, and individuals that we were able to engage with." — Shana Sumers, Senior Manager, Diversity, Equity, Inclusion & Belonging Communities @ HubSpot

12. "I love working in community because It's the reason I get up each day and I'm excited to impact other people's lives! Community has helped me realize I'm not alone and there are thousands of people just like me winning, failing, and learning on a daily basis. Community is powerful because without it there would be no Community Club! And that's just not right! Community-Led communities aren't the future they are the NOW!" — Valentina Ruffoni, Community Experience Manager @ Disciple

13. "Community has the power to change lives and the world because it’s about unlocking massive value by bringing humans together in the most thoughtful and impactful ways." — Gesche Haas, Founder/CEO @ Dreamers & Doers

14. "Forget the community-powered vs. Community-Led divide. Both are essential. You should encourage community from the ground up, and your leaders should make sure your community has the space to be heard. A community empowered can be an unstoppable force. It's the future. The companies that get their first will lead their industries." — Adrian Speyer, Head of Community @ Higher Logic

15. "Building community is like a box of chocolate: You never know what you get. By connecting people, we unlock so many wonderful things that we never thought about before. That's what makes our work as community managers so powerful, surprising, and fun." — Manuel Gutsche, Community Launcher Germany @ Reddit

16. "I’ve seen firsthand how Community-Led companies gain a competitive edge. The power of convening like-minded individuals and creating a sense of belonging will drive outcomes for the companies of the future." — Garrett Johnson, CEO, Union.vc

17. "We are continuing to see a push towards decentralization with Web 3.0 and Community-Led companies will be at the forefront of this as they understand the importance of having their customers take a deeper role in their work. Community-Led initiatives create an ecosystem where brands and consumers can work together to ensure better products and services. It incentivizes feedback loops and minimizes silos as its foundation is collaborative." — Christina Garnett, Senior Marketing Manager - Offline Community and Advocacy @ HubSpot

18. "My favorite part of working in community is celebrating our members’ wins. At Public, I have the privilege of a front-row seat to our community members’ growth as investors. When members learn more about investing, build financial literacy, and grow their confidence, some pretty magical things can happen. We’ve celebrated members who have paid off student debt with their investments, or made down payments on a new home or car. Being part of that journey and getting to celebrate that success with them never fails to make me break out in a full-body grin." — Willa Tellekson-Flash, Director of Community, Public.com

19. "I love working in community because I get to meet so many fantastic people that I never would have had the opportunity to meet otherwise. There's always something to learn from them, and people often are so generous with their time and expertise. It's a truly unique field where each day holds something new." — Alex Angel, Chief Community Officer, Commsor & Community Club

20. "I love community because it’s like instantly having a bunch of friends who cheer you on and want to see you excel. When I present for community folks, I know I’ve got a bunch of cheerleaders supporting me." — Tiffany Oda, Director of Community Operations, Venafi

'The community is so much smarter than I am'

21. "It is the life force of my life." — Laura Bernas, Actor & Theatre Maker

22. "The people - almost every single person that I get to meet, chat with, and work within the community space is someone that I thoroughly enjoy spending time with and getting to know." — Mac Reddin, Founder & CEO @ Commsor

23 "Being Community-Led is the most powerful point of differentiation and moat a business can have. Why? Because if you do it right, you’re guaranteed to be more customer-centric than any of your competitors." — Colin Campbell, Group Manager, Community @ Outreach

24. "C School, in particular, has had a very positive impact on my life, and particularly the community that came with C School. I've been gifted excellent wisdom from more experienced community professionals and I've been fortunate enough for a few of those to become friends. I think one really great example in C School specifically was the response, 'And how does that feel?' to my explaining my working environment/situation at the time. It gave me the permission I needed to advocate for myself (and my mental health) to make the changes I needed to avoid burn out." — Taylor Martin, Content & Community Manager @ Reveal

25. "I love working in community because the community is so much smarter than I am. As long as the people in the community are invested even a little bit, you don't even need to ask them for feedback or prompt them for brilliant ideas. You just need to pay attention and listen. Earlier in my career, I worked on documentary films. Working in community is similar. You don't need to invent or artificially create something you hope will ring true. You just need to be a thoughtful conduit. The magic and insight already exist. You just have the wonderful job of showcasing it. — Erik Martin, VP of Services @ Commsor

26. "As a creator, I feel like my audience always demands something from me while my community supports me and empowers me. I shout into the internet and get several likes. I talk to my community and have meaningful discussions." — Olle Pridiuksson, Co-founder of The Communities Show

27. "Sending delight-and-surprise emails to our community members, and seeing the human connection that can happen in digital spaces is a reason why I’ll always find myself in the business of building communities." — Rachael Silvano, Manager, Community Programs @ Pragmatic Institute

28. "Looking back at every milestone or important moment in my life, whether personal or professional, I can point to a community of people who supported me, lifted me up, and helped me reach my goals. Community is the most powerful tool we have as human beings, and it is my hope that everyone has the chance to experience the magic that is belonging, connecting, and sharing with others." — Katelyn Gillum, Community Success @ Commsor

29. "Community-Led companies are the future of business success because consumers, whether they are individuals at a customer company or individual consumers, expect to be heard. The advent of social media has created a cultural change in which every person feels their voice is important and should be equally weighed with the voices of everyone else, regardless of status, class, or role. Rather than sending a strongly worded letter to the corporate office, individuals can now @mention a corporation on social media and they expect a response. The same goes for developing products, services, and experiences. Customers expect to have a voice in the roadmap conversation. The community creates a unique opportunity to elevate those voices, process them in a meaningful manner, and create opportunities to collaborate with those individuals. Companies that don’t adopt that mindset will be deemed 'out of touch', will likely invest in solutions that no longer meet the needs of their customers, and ultimately be left behind." — Jamie Langskov, Community extraordinaire, currently at Contentstack

30. "Communities solve problems. I love solving problems." @rrishabhsonker

'No one can copy your community'

31. "One of the things I like most about working in the community industry is that I feel community is uniquely positioned to help companies align their interests with what customers/users/members actually want. Doing this is usually the first step to letting your work have an impact on actual people." — Noele Flowers, Community Education Manager @ Commsor

32. "To me, community = connection. How fortunate am I to work in a field that is all about fostering and nurturing connections. It truly is an honor to be doing this work." — Jenny Weigle, Chief Community Officer & Strategic Consultant @ Jenny.Community, LLC

33. "Intrinsically, it feels like the only authentic way to relate to people." — @jennkelley

34. "Community is so powerful because the whole is always greater than the sum of its parts. Communities ask and aim to answer hard questions, and the collectivity of sharing and contributing towards a better future excites me every time my feet hit the floor in the morning." — Lindsey Brown, Community Account Manager @ Commsor

35. "A place where genuine people are found. Like a treasure on an island. It is precious and marvelous." — MarLiz De Leon, Online Community Manager

36. "Perspectives build future success. Community is a mechanism to shape and connect those perspectives." — @JoshSushan

37. "I found Mac and Commsor through a Slack community called Maker's Kitchen. Without that indie hacker community, I never would have connected with Mac and had this great opportunity to work here." — John Preston, Project Manager, formerly Engineer, at Commsor

38. "Community brings different people together around a common goal, and is so powerful because of what happens once they are together. It’s amazing to watch communities effect change on both an individual level and a global scale through the simple act of connection." — Kelly Schott, Community Manager, theSkimm

39. "At its best, community creates opportunities to practice and envision new futures, to grow individually and collectively, and to get curious around our differences. Community challenges us to get creative, creates a container for vulnerability, and serves as a reminder that none of us are in this thing alone. If we combine our strengths, our experiences, and our joy, it changes everything." — Lisa Barroca, Community Engagement Manager @ Cultivate

40 "I love how no one can copy your community. Competitors can try to copy your product, but can never copy your community. When done right, your community can be your single greatest resource." — Sagi Kadosh, Community Account Manager @ Commsor

'It rewards empathy, vulnerability, and kindness'

41. "Community helps elevate and reward empathy, vulnerability, and kindness. It creates a place for us to meet and connect. When we connect in these places in small meaningful ways it has a ripple effect. Community work is 'leaky'. Its effects move out beyond our smaller community borders into the world." — Jess Hobbs, Community Lead, Vyond

42. "The Dot-Connector Mindset — the idea of helping and adding value to people. The idea of being 'in service' to the people. The idea of letting a selfish mindset and connecting people with an Otherish mindset." — Francisco Fonseca, Community Creator @ The Journey

43. "Life is all about building relationships — both with yourself and with those around you. When you’re part of a community that makes it easy. It helps you grow immensely as a person and you make friends for life." — Tristan Lim, Chief of Staff @ Commsor

44. "The gift that keeps on giving. Effective community drives product roadmap, improves retention, and best of all, makes a brand REAL." — Tom Worcester, founder of Lunchbox Packs

45. "I'm an introvert, but I just love working in community. I got into it by organizing a local community group in San Francisco, SFTech4Good. I still lead that group. I get a huge jolt of pleasure from connecting people and having them tell me how meeting someone in the group or attending an event has somehow impacted their life. There is also something great about putting the time and effort into producing an event and having it come together. It's been great to help people connect professionally too. Helping people connect and doing events at scale is just great. Our bonds and connections shape us as a species, and we need more of it. I'm thrilled to see that companies are getting it and are putting resources behind it. I'm glad to be part of this profession." — Regina Walton, Reforge, Program Operations

46. "I've been working as a founder in deep tech environments my entire career. This has spanned early days of open source, early days of open APIs, early days of machine learning - and on. User and DevRel communities have played such a huge part for us as we began to work with a new tech since, in most cases, we were not the first ones to try to solve a problem and the community came to the rescue. Now, as Community-Led takes over the entire way companies are being built, this expectation of engagement at this level becomes second nature to our teams." — Kevin Dykes, VP Operations @ Commsor (former co-founder of Port)

47. "Because doing the thing with friends is exponentially sweeter." — @Chris_A_Graves

48. "It’s everything I’m good at and want. I love people, supporting them, engaging with them, and fostering connections." — @MichelleCMTY

49. "Communities have become one of the most effective ways for connecting people with varying skill sets and degrees of expertise. Communities have made it very easy to connect to domain experts and seek assistance." — Prashant Sinha, Senior Developer @ Commsor

50. "I love working in community because of the moments when people connect, learn, and grow because of one another. Those moments are awe-inspiring and keep me going." — Shannon Emery, Community Recognition Program Manager @ Alteryx

'It transcends tools and platforms'

51. "I absolutely love everything community stands for — I love meeting people in communities and bonding over similarities and learning from them!" — Jennifer Finefrock, Community Engagement Manager @ Workday

52. "Because community is such a powerful concept that transcends tools or (social media) platforms, and has the power to redefine the relationship between organisations and their audience. With the advent of Web3, technology is even allowing communities to self-organize. As the age of social media is waning, we recognize that valuable communities form when individual nodes can connect. In contrast to one-to-many, or top-down communication that is traditional to companies, communities are designed for organic, lasting value for everyone involved." — Nick, VP of New Product @ Commsor

53. "Simple - we're always going to be greater together than the sum of our parts. In these remote and disconnected times, it's even more critical to stay connected." — Chris Kempen, Engineer @ Luno

54. "Probably a (somewhat) unpopular opinion... but, community qualified leads!" — Cory Gosselin

55. "If you share a belief with others and take the opportunity to organize around it, and get to be employed while working toward making the world a more connected, passionate place — what job is better than that?" — Danny, Commsor, Customer Support Manager

56. "In the past two years, internet-first communities have allowed me to make deep connections with people across social, national, and economic boundaries. I’ve always struggled to find my tribe but these communities have given me new belonging." —  Nityesh Agarwal, Community Consultant @ My First Community Manager

57. "They are the future because the community destroys the struggle on finding product-market fit and irresponsible products that kills the texture of the world and society." — Alara,  Community Manager @ Decktopus, Co-Founder @ Triwi

58. "I genuinely think that the age-old 'product market fit' problem is solved by community, when community is done right, and that's because Community-Led comes down to one essential idea: listening to people. There are other implications that come with that idea: people need to feel empowered to speak, to share honestly, and to disagree and discuss. They have to have a reason to join community, so the relationship has to be reciprocal, and they have to feel heard. A lot of problems get solved when we listen and listen well." — Cait Levin, Community Educator @ Commsor

59. "It provides increased opportunity for us to support each other’s growth and goals." — Kishan Patel

60. "It brings me meaning like nothing else. Every community I've been nurturing helped me grow and made me a better person. It can drive a long-lasting, positive impact. In many parts of the world, there's abundance in plenty of regards, so we can only thrive by being part of a community where we truly belong — we're too alone to keep being individualistic." — Oana Filip, Community Builder & Storyteller @ Pixelgrade

'I owe so much of my growth to community'

61. "When people ask me about Clojure (the primary language we use here at Commsor!), it's not long before I'm talking in glowing terms about the Clojure Community, in particular the Clojurians Slack. Whilst I'm still something of a lurker, it's an incredible resource. People fall over themselves to help each other out. I should engage more!" — Carnun Marcus-Page, Software Engineer @ Commsor

62. "Feeling involved in something bigger than me and that energizes me." — @nadineinjapan

63. "The dedication: nobody is as passionate as a really invested community member. It’s so important to see long-time community members in action. They really take ownership and embody the ideal member."  — Beth, Community Engagement Specialist @ Rev.com

64. "I love community because it's where people uplift and elevate others!" — Ben Regier, Account Executive @ Commsor

65. "It has been an absolute dream working in community because you have the opportunity to meet so many people and create brilliant connections among them. Communities are essentially the belief capital that backs any company - the non-monetary support every company should have." — Nur Shafiqah 'Shaf' Shahirah, Community Manager @ No Code Ops

66. "You find a community and suddenly you are like among close family – with a common reason to be together that appeared seemingly out of nowhere!" — Dom, Software Developer at Commsor

67. "It's a privilege to be in constant communication with such a bunch of inspiring humans! During COVID it was a great sense of comfort to have a community to be in touch with." — Saskia, Creative Mornings Cape Town Volunteer

68. "I owe so much of my growth and love for art and design to the relationships I've developed within various communities over the years. It's inspiring to see what we can achieve when we have the support of one another." — Sukanya Ray, Product Designer @ Commsor

69. "There may be times when your life might be saved by some random act of kindness of a total stranger. Though the 'kindness of strangers' sounds like a cliche bumper sticker, it is not. Sometimes only a stranger can understand what you've been through. Sometimes only a stranger shares the same passion. Community is often formed by total strangers who know how it feels to go alone. It is a connective tissue that forms because they know how freaking hard it is and they don't want us to go through that alone too. And that is why some anonymous Reddit support groups sometimes do more than some government-sponsored support programs. That is why open source software built by few for no remuneration often beats corporate juggernauts. Because you cannot put a price tag on empathy and you can't quantify passion. Because kindness of strangers comes free of charge." — Miro Kubicek, Engineering @ Commsor

70. "Communities allow people to find their niche tribes. I’ve made so many friends and connections through topics and themes I wouldn’t have been able to elsewhere. I love working on community because I want others to experience this too." — Rou, Designer

'It's the bar where all your friends are, like McLaren's or Central Perk'

71. "I was able to witness community being the catalyst for the growth of a company, and I can say that in today’s day a community is not just a collection of people gathered in one place who share a mutual interest around a specific topic. It goes beyond this, it’s what brings about direction and purpose in a business. It’s the main accelerator for action taking & change. Community is your immediate and usually most honest feedback filter for what works or what doesn’t, which makes it especially valuable." — Maria Maricas, Program Manager @ Commsor

72. "I love working in community because it helps everyone remember the very real, very human person behind the username. Plus, there's no better feeling when those people come together, build deep and meaningful connections, and take those good vibes into the rest of the world." Mindy Day, Senior Manager, Community @ Discord

73. "The times in my life when I've been the happiest was when I was part of a healthy community. You feel connected and energized. I can imagine this is what Amish people feel when they build a barn together. Community-Led companies are tapping into this vitality." — Gerhard, Illustrator @ Commsor

74. "I always struggled to find a 'career path' that I was excited about. I worked in film and television for a long time and the parts of that work that excited me most were connecting with other creatives and the discourse around what people were watching and loving (or hating). Like so many people I fell into Community Management by accident (there was an opening with a company I loved). It's honestly been the most exciting thing for me to discover a role that brings together all the things I love — building a space for people to discuss ideas and share insights, fostering an environment of connection, organizing events, creating content, gathering feedback, and encouraging people to open up and explore." — Gabrielle Leith, Bramble & Community Manager

75. "Community creates an opportunity for companies to not only hear from their customers, but to have a conversation with customers — and amongst customers. In a time when consumers want to feel connected to (and trust) companies, what better way to create that trust than to bring customers together, let them connect, and make their voice the voice of the company? Community is the only space that enables those sort of connections to happen organically —and that is powerful." — Jenny Sowyrda, Community Program Manager @ HubSpot

76. "Community has, and always will be, the most important piece of my life, both professionally and personally. There's something special in being able to gather with peers to challenge each other, ask questions, and share wins. Community is where iron sharpens iron." — Cole Zerr, Community Manager @ Commsor

77. "Whenever I feel down about myself, I know that I can go to my community and feel the love. Community is powerful because real relationships between humans are powerful.Alright, hear me out on this one. Your favorite bar in town is not the trendiest bar with the best drinks. It's the bar where all your friends are. Like in McLaren's Pub in How I Met Your Mother or Central Perk in Friends." — Kourosh Ghaffari, Co-Founder @ Meetwaves.com

78. "Communities and fandom helped me find myself and my values when I couldn't find a fit in the real world. I owe so much of what I am today and how much I've accomplished to strangers on the internet with whom I was lucky enough to share a few passions." — Kay Purcell, Lead Community Manager, Avalanche Studios Group

79. "There is just something satisfyingly awesome about taking care of a community of like-minded and interesting humans." — Ryan Jones, Customer Success Manager @ Commsor

80. "In the gaming space, working directly with your player base is the best way to both promote your work, and help shape its development. The most well-known developers are those who interact with their communities, asking for feedback, championing ideas, and patiently parsing the feedback they receive. Rewarding communities for their involvement in the games they are looking to play democratizes gaming, and demonstrates what is so unique about indie gaming in the first place." — George Eastmead, Social Media Strategist @ AcornGames.gg

'It's given me the priceless gift of connection and support'

81. "I love working in community because I love getting to connect with folks about something that matters. Naturally, we gravitate towards communities that represent something important to us that we identify with. I love getting to speak to individuals and have vulnerable conversations where we can build relationships based on support and common understanding. On top of all that, I love being able to further connect folks for them to make career moves that matter to them. Whether it be an introduction for a job, connecting two people for a speaking event, or just two people I know could collaborate, it's one of my favorite aspects of the role." — Nicole Felter, Community Manager / Event Specialist - Zeit / Girls Who Code

82. "Community-Led is the future and a win-win for any organization... Provide value to members through connection and support. Receive value from members through growth and feedback." — Bradley Tramer, Founder/GM, Meetsy by Commsor

83. "I love working in community because it gives me a chance to transform how people approach their product craft and connect Product Makers with one another." — Scott Baldwin, Community Lead & Product Evangelist @ Productboard

84. "Community has shown me over and over again that I'm not alone in my feelings and experiences. It's given me the priceless gift of connection and support, which is why it will always be so important to me in both my personal and professional life." — Katie Winnen, Senior Community Engagement Manager @ Picsart

85. "Oh, man, could go on forever. I think community is especially powerful because there's a tendency in the status quo for interdependency to be frowned upon. It's been so ingrained in us that our own hard work, own sacrifices, own grind, et al. is what matters first and foremost; there is an underlying notion that invoking other people into the process takes away from the desired outcome. To businesses, this creates that rift between "us" and "our customers". Before Community-Led, this relationship was binarily transactional — a customer buys a great product and would not even dare to think about the entity, people, and process behind it. I'm glad to be part of a future that looks to be upending this — where people are at the forefront. How far can we go, how much can we tap into within us — only those that ask these questions know the x-fold benefits of thinking this way. Community got me my first job in technology, is a pillar that I continually lean on, and genuinely is one of a handful of things that have given me tremendous upsides; I'm going to keep building with it, and as a byproduct continually build more along the way." — Brandon Handoko, Product Manager @ Metafy

86. "I love working in community because it's the most honest and rewarding pillar of every company. Throughout my career as a community pro I've always managed online communities. Meeting some of those community members in person - after years of online interactions - is a very special moment. Meeting someone for the first time know he/she is already an old friend you can trust. Communities are powerful because they are full of genuine and real people united by a common purpose. I believe community-led companies are the future because people/customers are the most valuable asset a company has - not the product." — Gabriel, Senior Community Strategist @ Typeform

87. "Community allows people who may otherwise feel excluded feel included and welcome. As someone who has always struggled with socialization IRL, community-led companies have allowed me... and many others to shine and truly be themselves!" — Luna, Moderator/Student

88. "I've been assisting with the Gamer Escape community for the last 14 years and love being a part of it. We have a positive impact on the gaming community by providing gaming news, reviews, and wikis. The majority of our content is contributed by our community at large and that's what makes us stand out." — Charitwo, System Administrator @ Gamer Escape

89. "Over the last year and a half, it is obvious that more people feel disillusioned and let down by the way the world is structured. It’s easy to feel downtrodden and forgotten when companies focus solely on profits while ignoring people. At a Community-Led company, everyone can find a sense of belonging. All stakeholders - from employees to customers - are able to feel part of the larger goals and mission of the organization. As more people see the potential for belonging in Community-Led companies, it’s going to be impossible to ignore. Individuals are fed up with the status quo. We cannot continue the way things have always been. Companies will be left behind if they don’t embrace community." — Emily Carle Hafer, Squirrels, Director of Channel Partnerships

90. "The real question is, what's not to love about community? It's an industry that's all about connecting people, elevating them, and providing others with value in a way that no other function could. I love community because it's bringing humanity back into businesses and allowing for authentic and organic relationships to take a front seat for once. It is the BEST part of any company and it's easy to get excited about." — Katrine Reddin, Head of Sales @ Commsor

'It builds a level of trust that can't be bought'

91. "I love bringing people together and creating communities where people can feel like they have an online home to go to. I've met some people from online communities in person and it was a magical experience. The bonds and friendships you make in communities is like no other. Communities are part of the human experience and are essential. Everyone wants to be a part of one and there is a community for everyone. Community-Led companies are the future because companies are nothing without the people who buy their products or use their services. Building a community can help a company maintain customers as well as make them feel closer to the company they are purchasing services or products from.." — Gabriel Sanchewski

92. "Community, if done right, has the potential to foster real and authentic connection which builds a level of trust that can't be bought. I wholeheartedly subscribe to those ideals — and so should you." — Philipp Schmid, Marketing & Partnerships Manager @ Commsor

93. "Community forms the center of our efforts of hosting events for the creative sector in Cape Town. It's what creates a deeper bond with our audience and what motivates our members to contribute to something they can subscribe to. Something that adds value and excitement, because it ensures their own voices are considered." — Sabrina Kopp, Co-Host @ CreativeMornings Cape Town

94. "Community is all about human connection — it adds authenticity and meaning to the work we do by showing us, every day, how it affects our customers' lives." — Kirsti Buick, Content Creator @ Commsor

95. "A Community-Led company mindset is the key success factor to react quickly on changing customer needs. Therefore a necessary piece to take customer centricity and co-creation to next level." — Kevin Faßbender-Ihring, Brand & Communication Strategy @ Mercedes-Benz AG

96. "As a product person, I've only ever been able to make progress when I've built with my community. The most impactful ideas, innovations, and progress have come from small lightbulbs in conversations, slacks, groups online, in-person events with real members of our community. I couldn't be more thankful for the opportunity to work with community members in my role." — Chelsea Bathurst, Head of Product @ Commsor

97. "As a Community Manager, I can be invested in my work without having to be the center of attention." — Peter Iltchev, Project Associate, Spotify Community @ Sutherland Global Services

98. "People working together does not produce linear gains — it's exponential. Communities tap into this by bringing people together under a common banner with common goals. This combination of ideas, skillsets, perspectives and cultures will always reach further and any individual could hope to." — James Roose, Commsor, Software Engineer

99. "Community is so powerful because they are inherently empowering, collaborative, and creative spaces, where people are able to hone in on and amplify their passions or learn more about something that piques their interests. Empowering people to be empowered is extremely rewarding." — Kristine Ortiz, Sr. Manager, Creator Operations @ Picsart

100. "Being a part of community gives you sense of belonging. Allows you to be a part of a tribe. Also, in my case, it can land you a job at Commsor, thank you to a single Hacker News comment!" — Tomek Wałkuski, Engineering Manager, Software Engineer at Commsor


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