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May 15, 2023

Ashley & Katrine’s Infinite Revenue Playlist: Meet The Hosts of Our New Podcast

Kirsti Lang

The podcast’s ultimate goal is empowering and connecting with other women who work in Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, and other revenue roles.

It all started with a match on Meetsy.

Ashley Coghill, Account Executive at Seismic, and Katrine Reddin, Head of Sales at Commsor, were connected as part of Gong’s Customer Networking Match Program in 2021 and instantly hit it off. 

Katrine and Ashley had a host of shared experiences as women working in revenue (not to mention the fact that both their partners were in the military). Their relationship became a safe haven, a sounding board for all the challenges they faced in their day-to-day work. 

"Having a ‘friend-tor’ to talk to who truly understands the reality of being a woman in sales has been incredibly helpful,” Ashley says. “I’m able to talk through things I don’t necessarily feel comfortable bringing to my internal sales team without fear of judgment. It’s like therapy and deal brainstorming all in one.

They found this so valuable that they wanted to figure out a way to hold space for other women in the industry, too. And so the Visioneer Community Meetups for Women in Revenue were born. 

Ashley and Katrine have been hosting these meetups as part of the Gong community monthly since April 2022, engaging with other women in revenue on a wide range of topics, from enneagrams to interviews with other female revenue leaders. 

"The original idea was to do two sessions of the meetup and see if it was worth continuing,” Ashley explains. “So many ladies have shown up again and again, that we’re still doing them almost two years later. The ladies that join these groups are so raw and real and it’s truly special."

It got Ashley and Katrine wondering if there was a way to reach more women, and give them the space to share their stories and learn from each other.

“It became increasingly apparent to us over the last year that women want to speak up more about their experiences in the revenue space but lack the platform to do so,” Katrine says. “And we’re on a mission to change that.”


Ashley & Katrine's Infinite Revenue Playlist

The podcast’s ultimate goal is empowering and connecting with other women who work in Sales, Customer Success, Marketing, and other revenue roles.

Through conversations with people who identify as women, Ashley and Katrine get candid about their unique experiences, help women tackle challenges in the workplace, and uncover ways to grow as revenue pros. 

“Our conversations are all about being our authentic selves and providing space to elevate the many diverse voices of women in revenue,” Katrine says. “In general, this podcast is meant to be fun and conversational, while also educational for those that listen.” 

“The life of a woman in revenue is wild — and we want to talk about it.”

You may recognize the title as a play on the (vastly underrated) 2008 RomCom, Nick & Norah's Infinite Playlist. It’s not a random coincidence. As a fun little twist, every guest on the show is asked to choose their own walk-up song to share with listeners. 

“As sellers (and other revenue-related roles) we are often compared to athletes, and the walk-up song is something that pumps you up before you step out on the ‘field’,” Katrine explains.

The idea is that their song should (at least loosely) reflect the guest as a revenue professional or relate to the topic of our conversation. Naturally, there’s an actual playlist to go with the show — find it on Spotify here

Meet Ashley Coghill

Title: Account Executive at Seismic

Walk-up song: Boss Bitch by Doja Cat

“I’ve been in SaaS sales for almost 10 years in various roles and I’m currently working as an Account Executive at Seismic. I’ve done everything from quick product-led growth wins to long enterprise sales cycles — and I pride myself on being an example of why women belong in sales. 

I have two beautiful kids and I’m a military spouse: I’ve navigated all kinds of fun situations throughout my career, from moving across the country to interviewing while pregnant. I am also a ‘retired’ roller derby skater (still itching to get back on the track) and my roller derby name is ‘Veronica Dodge’. I studied literature in college and aspire to write a book someday. 🤓

One of the things I’ve noticed in my time as a seller is how important it is to bring up the other women around me — and I’m lucky to have found Katrine as a peer mentor to help me through all the crazy things we go through as women in sales.”

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Meet Katrine Reddin

Title: Head of Sales at Commsor

Walk-up song: How Far I'll Go in the movie Moana by Alessia Cara.

“Although I’ve been in the world of sales since I was 16 and professionally selling for 6+ years, those of you connected with me on LinkedIn know I describe myself as ‘just a New York girl living in a community world’. 

I eat, breathe, and sleep all things community because it is essential to each and every one of us both in our personal and professional lives.

Currently, I lead sales efforts at Commsor where we’re developing new Go-to-Network strategies. In the words of Lin-Manuel Miranda from his hit play Hamilton, I would describe myself as a ‘young, hungry, and scrappy’ salesperson. My interests in the revenue world are mainly focused on creative selling methods, startups, community-led sales, and of course, being a woman in the revenue space.

I attended school at TCU (go Frogs!) where I studied Political Science & International Relations. When I’m not working, you’ll most likely find me thrifting, going on hikes with my dog Meera, or planning my next trip.

I once described Ashley as my professional ‘soulmate’. Aside from the many similarities we share in our personal lives, both military spouses (go army!), both huge fans of ACOTAR, and both being women in SaaS sales, we both see ourselves as advocates for women in the revenue space. We hope to share a little bit of the magic we found when we serendipitously connected in a community, by building our own for you.”

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🎧 Ashley & Katrine's Infinite Revenue Playlist drops on May 17, on Spotify, Apple Podcasts and all other major platforms. 

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