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Feb 2, 2022

Everything You Need to Know About C School's Self-paced Courses

Cait Levin

C School's self-paced courses will help you master concrete skills and specializations in the community industry.

Everyone learns differently.

Some folks thrive in a bustling classroom or with live, online learning. Others absorb knowledge better when they have the space to work through material at their own pace, in their own time.

Up till this point at C School, we’ve focused on hands-on, cohort-based learning — but it’s time to expand. So we’re thrilled to announce that self-paced courses are now available on C School’s new learning platform.

With these new courses, we hope to offer more flexibility for students with a wider variety of learning styles, preferences, and time available. Our self-paced courses are designed with anticipated learning time as the backbone, so we can be sure to have options whether students have an hour, a few hours, or ten hours spread out over several weeks.

Why now? As demonstrated by our 2022 Community-Led Report, the community industry is exploding, and one of the core goals of C School is to professionalize the industry to get community pros the training, recognition, and pay they deserve.

There’s no better time than now to make sure people have access to high-quality learning opportunities from a brand trusted across industries to certify community pros.

What we cover in C School’s self-paced courses

Our goal was to increase both the kinds of courses available and the topics those courses cover — which is why our self-paced courses aren't carbon copies of our original, cohort-based programs.

So how did we decide what to cover? Well, we wouldn’t be The Community Club if we didn’t start with our community members first! We poured over notes from interviews with members, survey data from the fall, and student feedback from current C School alumni to get a sense of where the biggest gaps in topic coverage were for community professionals.

That’s why you’ll see topics like community operations and negotiation in the first batch of self-paced courses: you're clamoring for those resources, and we hear you!

Scroll down for a list of our first new course releases.

By the way, we’d still love to hear what you’d like to see from us next! Have your say here.

New courses, new formats

To accommodate as many learning styles as possible, all our self-paced courses will feature a variety of formats. Think text, videos, activities, templates, reflection, and more.

And new teachers, too

We’re also excited to bring more voices into the community conversation and highlight some awesome leaders in the space. Tiffany Oda blazes the path for community operations professionals, and we’re thrilled to partner with her to bring the Community Operations course to life. Keep an eye out for more partnerships across specializations and industries in the months to come!

Ready and raring to sign up?

Our first courses are live now, and you can start them right away! Scroll on to read more about what's on offer.

More courses will drop in the coming weeks and months. If you’d like to be the first to know when they land, sign up for our newsletter, Community Club Weekly — you’ll get plenty of great community content in your inbox to keep you busy in the interim, too.

What about C School’s OG cohort-based programs?

If you’d still like to jump into one of our classic live courses, fear not! Our Community Foundations (formerly Career Track), Community Essentials (formerly Coaching Track), and Community Team Leadership programs are still going strong.

We run rolling applications for these, so if you’d like to jump into our next round of classes, due to kick off in April, get your application in soon!

C School's self-paced courses

Understanding Capital 'C' Communities

Curious what this community buzz is all about? Hearing the word ‘community’ but not sure what it all means in the context of your business? Join us for this free introduction to the world of what we call ‘Capital C Community’. We’ll talk about the difference between audience and community, how to conceptualize the impact community can have on your business, and what differentiates a true Capital C Community from traditional broadcast marketing channels.

How long will it take? 1-2 hours

How much does it cost? This one is free!

When can I start the course? From Feb 16, 2022

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Creating Community Personas

Developing and understanding community personas is a critical step in the creation and evolution of a strong community program. In this course, Commsor Director of Community Education Noele Flowers explores all things personas, from defining your company's target audience to how to research, create, and leverage your personas cross-functionally. We’ll also provide a community persona template to help you create and share personas with ease.

How long will it take? 2-4 hours

How much does it cost? $149

When can I start the course? From Feb 16, 2022

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Negotiation for Community Professionals

Negotiation can be particularly difficult in an ever-evolving industry like community. How do you evaluate if an offer from a company is appropriate and fair? When’s the right time to negotiate a change in your compensation package? Led by Brian Oblinger, a seasoned community consultant with over 20 years of experience in the industry, this course will guide you through making sense of the job market, understanding the value you bring to a company, and, most importantly, reflecting on what you need to feel valued for the work that you do.

How long will it take? 2-4 hours

How much does it cost? $149 (or free if you contribute to industry pay transparency by taking our survey!)

When can I start the course? From Feb 16, 2022

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Here's a look inside our Negotiation for Community Professionals course.

Community Operations

Community operations is an emerging but important field in the community space. While operations roles have been around, community specializations are only now starting to crystallize and grow. So what’s community ops all about? This course is a deep dive into the world of community operations, taught by industry expert Tiffany Oda, Director, Community Operations at Venafi.

How long will it take? 10-15 hours

How much does it cost? $599

When can I start the course? From Mar 1, 2022

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Want a sneak peek of our Community Operations course? Check out this extract.

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