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Mar 30, 2022

53 Tried-and-tested Engagement Plays For Community

Kirsti Lang

The Community Engagement Playbook is jam-packed with over 50 engagement initiatives and projects you can try out in your own community.

Surprise! We wrote a book!

The Community Engagement Playbook hits the proverbial shelves today, and it's jam-packed with over 50 engagement initiatives and projects you can try out in your own community.

As with all our projects, this one was truly Community-Led — more than 30 community leaders, including the likes of Krystal Wu, Augustine Nthenge, Gesche Haas, Erik Martin, Brian Oblinger, and Christina Garnett, kindly contributed their most successful engagement projects to the collection.

As such, every single one of the plays in the free-to-download eBook has been successfully used to boost engagement across industries. That includes events and special projects, rituals, prompts, surprise and delight campaigns, and more! There’s even a chapter on the building blocks of great engagement, as well as big-picture strategic changes you can make to up the ante on engagement within your community.

And why should you want to? Glad you asked. In the words of our fearless leader and Chief Community Officer, Alex Angel, community engagement can be a great indicator of community health and the value the community is bringing to your organization.

“It is usually a direct reflection of how much value members are getting from you and your community-building efforts,” she says. “With an engaged community, you can more easily measure impact on the organization’s goals and rely on members to lead or stoke conversation or initiatives without your direct involvement.”

The Community Engagement Playbook Cover

What’s in The Community Engagement Playbook?

The building blocks of great engagement

Community architecture and other important factors to consider for engagement success.

Prompts and rituals

Quick and easy projects you can implement within your community — light on resources, heavy on results.

Events and special campaigns

Ideas for show-stopping events, content, and projects to create valuable, memorable experiences for your members.

Unique ways to amplify and connect members

Tactics to help you facilitate community connections and celebrate your members to boost engagement and retention.

Here's a look inside

Want a sneak peek before you download? Check out this play by Alex Angel — it involves the power of some furry friends! Engagement Play #09: The Power of Pets

👉 Head over here to download your free copy of The Engagement Playbook

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