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Sep 28, 2022

Commsor Acquires ALTR to Help Communities Create Multi-dimensional Experiences

Mac Reddin

Commsor has acquired ALTR (now Mithril) to help communities bridge the gap and explore a Web2.5 world.

How companies think about community is rapidly evolving. A few years ago, community — if a company even had one — was just one part of its efforts to connect with its customers. More companies today are witnessing the power of being Community-Led and are making community an integral part of their strategy.

In the Web3 world, Community-Led has been the cornerstone of how companies are built. Community isn’t just a value-add for a Web3 company’s customers — it’s a core reason why they choose the company. And companies in the Web2 and the Web3 worlds can learn a lot from one another.

That’s why I’m excited to announce that we’ve acquired ALTR to help communities bridge the gap and explore a Web2.5 world.

ALTR joins the Commsor ecosystem as Mithril, a product designed to turn single-dimension, chat room communities into multi-dimensional community experiences by unlocking the power of Web3 technology.

There are two facets to Mithril:

  • Providing Web3 companies and Discord communities with tooling, data, and education to be more intentional about the communities they’re building
  • Giving Web2 companies the tooling they need to experiment in Web3, with aspects like NFTs and DAOs

Mithril’s founding team — Will DePue, Dexter Barahona-Molina, Santiago Arredondo, and Naren Gaurav — understand the intricacies of the Web3 world and have the passion and vision for building the tools communities need to succeed in it. Mithril joins the Commsor ecosystem to further our shared vision of a Community-Led future for all companies and communities, Web2 and Web3 alike.

“From our initial conversation with Mac, it was obvious that Commsor not only shared our vision and passion for community but truly wanted to help us achieve our mission,” says Will. 

“Our ideas and perspectives on the future of the community space resonated and only continued to feel more like the perfect fit as we had additional conversations with more members of their team. We all agreed that the best place to build Mithril was in partnership with Commsor.” 

Naren adds: “It’s easy to feel inspired when you’re working with an incredible team of people here. There are a lot of very ambitious goals for our specific team and the company at large, so the adage of ‘the sky’s the limit’ really rings true.”

Mithril is an addition to the Commsor suite of products and services that includes CommsorOS, Meetsy, Caravel, and The Community Club. Going forward, existing Commsor customers can add Mithril to their community building efforts, or they can continue to use CommsorOS, Meetsy, or Caravel the way they always have.

With this acquisition, we’re continuing to give communities the tools and resources they need to thrive and be part of the Community-Led future.

I hope you'll join me in giving Mithril a warm welcome to the Commsor community.

👉 Continue the conversation in the Mithril Discord

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