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Commsor, meet Meetsy πŸ‘‹

Commsor has acquired Meetsy, a platform built specifically for creating introductions, connections, and the secret sauce of serendipity within your community

Community-Led companies are the future. Over the past few years, we've seen an explosion of companies, creators, and individuals striving to bring people together around shared identities, passions, and interests.

One of community's defining features (and superpowers) is that it seeks to connect members to each other. Community is all about creating many-to-many networks, rather than the one-to-many connections of an audience.

Unlocking those many-to-many connections β€” that feeling of serendipity that empowers communities to become so much more than just a loosely connected group of individuals β€” is something that we strive for every single day.

But it isn't easy. We often hear from community builders that intentionally creating meaningful, valuable connections between their members is incredibly challenging. We know it is. We've been there too.

This is why I couldn't be more excited to announce that Commsor has acquired Meetsy, a platform built specifically for creating introductions, connections, and the secret sauce of serendipity within your community. Whether you're building a club for your university, a community around your product, or an internal culture with a strong sense of community, Meetsy is the perfect tool to connect your members to each other.

When I first met Bradley Tramer, the solo founder, designer, engineer, and bootstrapper behind Meetsy, joining forces was instantly a no-brainer. Bradley cares deeply about building communities and helping people everywhere build bigger, better, and stronger communities. He's the perfect person to join Commsor and keep building a shared vision for Meetsy.

Like everyone at Commsor, Bradley believes in the Community-Led future that we're building for. "We share a vision where connection is at the center of community and community is at the center of every company, university, and organization," he says.

"Commsor is leading the movement of bringing community to every company, university, and organization. My goal is to establish connection as a pillar of that movement and demonstrate the value and power of bringing people together."

This is another big step in Commsor's journey to becoming a full-stack community company. We're not just here to build software for your community β€” we're also creating the Community-Led community, education, and movement to help push the entire industry forward.

Going forward, both Meetsy and Commsor users will be able to use the services they know and love, just as they always have. Commsor users will soon be able to integrate Meetsy into their Community Operating System as another native channel, while Meetsy users will still be able to use Meetsy as a standalone service. Thousands are already using Meetsy, and we're excited to keep listening and learning with our communities as we build and improve both product experiences.

With this acquisition, we'll continue to build the tools that communities of all shapes and sizes need to succeed. It's never been a more exciting time to care about community, and we can't wait to help you connect your members.

I hope you'll join me in giving Meetsy a warm welcome to the Commsor community.

Ready to try Meetsy out? You can sign up for free today!
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Mac Reddin
Jun 13, 2021

CEO at Commsor

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