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Sep 21, 2021

Commsor Acquires Port to Help Enterprises Embrace a Community-Led Future

Mac Reddin

We’re so excited to announce that we’ve acquired Port, a product that helps enterprise businesses navigate their community.

Every day, communities of all shapes and sizes use Commsor to better measure, understand, and grow their communities. But community is a broad term and has nuanced differences across industries and verticals. B2B, developer relations, consumer — all have communities that operate in unique ways.

This is why we’re so excited to announce that we’ve acquired Port, a product that, in their own words, helps enterprise businesses “navigate their community”. The Port team shares our belief that Community-Led companies are the future, and they’ll continue to work towards this future as part of the Commsor team, bringing their expertise in the developer relations (DevRel) and open source community to the table.

You can already see Port’s influence on the Commsor team and Community Operating System, and this acquisition enables us to build stronger tooling specifically for developer and open source communities.

Port’s community lifecycle management Grid — one of the many great features from Port you can expect to see within the Commsor product soon.

Port Co-Founders Kevin Dykes, Nick Dijkstra, and Jake Stott boast a combined 35 years working with over 150 developer, open source, and blockchain communities, and will bring a wealth of experience in data, developer relations, and community to Commsor.

"I’ve spent 20 years building B2B SaaS and open source companies and community has always been at the core," says Kevin. "But, leveraging it to become truly Community-Led meant we needed better solutions, which is why we created Port. When Commsor reached out to us, we knew from the first meeting that we should be on the same team."

Port — so named to reference the connection or meeting point between multiple inputs — was built as a hub for all things community, Jake says. "After working on Port and building in the community space for the last four years, we saw that Commsor was the clear market leader."

Nick adds: "We realized just how much our product visions aligned and got excited about the opportunities that lie ahead if we put our heads together."

For Port users: we know it’s always frustrating when a product you depend on gets acquired. Where is it going? Is it going to shut down? If you're currently using Port’s incredible product, rest assured it won’t be going anywhere until all the features you know and love have been migrated to Commsor, and you’re able to make a clean transition without any loss of data or service. Together, our teams will build a better product for Community-Led organizations globally.

I hope you’ll join us in giving Port a warm welcome to the Commsor community!

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