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Aug 10, 2023

Commsor and AhoyConnect Join Forces to Build a Go-to-Network Future

Mac Reddin

We are incredibly excited to share that AhoyConnect is joining forces with Commsor

Two years ago I met Tomas, the founder of a company that was then known as AhoyTeam.

I instantly fell in love with their workflow product, and wanted them to bring it to the Commsor product.

It was incredibly clear that they were great builders with a great love for the craft of creating products that customers loved.

But no matter how hard I tried, I couldn’t get them to agree to be part of team Commsor. At least, not yet.

Fast forward to today, after two years of dancing around each other, I am incredibly excited to share that AhoyConnect (formerly AhoyTeam) are joining forces with Commsor.

Commsor and AhoyConnect have, in many ways, walked parallel paths. 

AhoyConnect founder Tomas Jasovsky described it best when he said we had a “love-hate relationship”.

“We’ve been dancing around each other for the past two years,” he says. “We chased the same customers, built and solved some of the same problems — and faced the same challenges.”

It’s no surprise that we now find ourselves perfectly aligned on a shared vision for a new era.

We both know the power of meaningful connections — but now we're exploring what that means beyond the realm of just community. 

What if those powerful forces for learning, growth, and advancement were applied outside of the realm of the "traditional" community? What if they were applied in sales and marketing strategies? What if they were applied to the individual?

With this, the go-to-network approach was born. Now, Commsor and AhoyConnect are joining forces to build for this future together.

We know that the way people engage with companies is changing. Traditional sales and marketing plays are falling flat. The way buyers behave has fundamentally shifted.

Companies have to figure out a new way to grow. They need to adopt a people-first approach, find true partners, build valuable communities, and educate and entertain, rather than frustrate and interrupt.

All of this amounts to growing, engaging and ultimately activating a network.

What we're building helps companies — and individuals — do that strategically.

“The timing is just finally right,” Tomas says. “We’ve made and learned from similar mistakes, which has left us aligned on the future of communities. I’m stoked to bring Ahoy’s incredible engineering team and product-building practice into a new era for both companies.

Our new product, Bronto, is the brainchild and result of combining the talents, skills, and learnings of Commsor and Ahoy over the past few years.

I’m incredibly excited about Tomas and the Ahoy team joining us today, and even more excited about what’s just around the corner. If you want to learn more about our new frontier, sign up for our beta here.

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