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Jan 26, 2021

Commsor Raises $16m to Build a Community-Led Future

Mac Reddin

At Commsor, we're on a mission to create a Community-Led future. To help us build this future, we're thrilled to announce that Commsor has raised a $16M Series A led by Felicis Ventures and Seven Seven Six, with participation from a growing community of investors: Holly Firestone

Community is taking center stage at organizations across all industries, and there is no longer any doubt that a thriving community is a company's most valuable asset. Communities help people form lasting relationships, feel supported, and work towards something impactful. When done right, community enables customer acquisition, streamlines support and success, bolsters retention, and provides crucial product insights. Community-led companies are the future.

Commsor is a full stack community company, building software for community professionals, education for community builders and executives, and resources for the entire industry.

Our core product, the Community Operating System, integrates with all the tools community managers already use, tying their community data together and enabling organizations to unlock insights, measure impact, and build a community-led company.

We're thrilled to announce that we've closed a $16M Series A to continue building for a community-led future. Felicis Ventures and Seven Seven Six led the round, with participation from a growing community of investors: Holly Firestone, Elad Gil, Mathilde Collin, Jono Bacon, and Tod Sacerdoti. Together, they join an impressive list of early supporters including Josh Buckley, Lachy Groom, SignalFire, Betaworks, Flybridge, and Polymath.

"The Commsor team has a clear vision and unwavering passion for defining and driving community-led growth. Community is top of mind for organizations across all industries as it becomes the moat that creates defensibility, powers growth, and drives engagement. Commsor is providing the necessary tools for this fast-growing industry."

-Niki Pezeshki, Partner at Felicis Ventures

We will use these funds to expand our team, further develop our core product, and continue to create category-defining resources, education, and community experiences for the entire community industry. These efforts include:

  • Accelerating our integration development to accommodate the growing number of community tools available, enabling community teams of all shapes and sizes to prove the value of their efforts.
  • Pushing the entire community industry forward, in partnership with the many companies who have co-signed our Community-Led Declaration, including Notion, Lattice, Public, Timescale, and 30+ others.
  • Launching C School, the first ever career-change program for aspiring community managers.
  • Continuing to grow the Community Club into the community for community builders, with more events, resources, and programs to help community managers everywhere level up.
Commsor ties all of a company's community channels together, giving Community Managers the tools they need to better understand, measure, and grow their communities.
"The first time I saw Commsor, I remember audibly yelling "YES!" while they were walking me through everything it can and will do. I've been working in the Community field for over 10 years now. Commsor is building exactly what I've needed every single moment of those 10 years – it just didn’t exist before."

- Holly Firestone, Head of Community at Venafi, former Senior Director of Community at Salesforce, former Global Community Lead at Atlassian

It is our mission to continue defining what community means, to highlight the importance and benefits that community brings to companies and individuals alike, all while elevating the entire industry.

On behalf of the whole Commsor team, thank you to our partners, community, customers, and investors for your continued support in making this future a reality.

The 2020s are truly the decade of community, and there is so much more to come. Join the Community Club, and follow us on Twitter or LinkedIn to stay connected. If you're interested in joining our team, check out our careers page!

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