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August 25, 2022

Unpacking the Past, Present, and Future of Community Career Paths

The 2022 Community Careers Guide is here! Whether you're a community industry veteran, considering a transition, or just want to learn from a comprehensive map of the landscape, this guide has something for you. It’s jam-packed with insights and unique perspectives from community professionals across all levels in the industry.

Like all our projects at The Community Club, this guide is Community-Led — community builders from around the world, including the likes of Augustine Nthenge, Shira Galler Re’em, Tilo Mathes, Serena Snoad, Taylor Harrington, Georgina Donahue, Igor Zuppo, and Beth Vanderkolk contributed their insight into what it’s like to work and grow in the community industry — and why they love it.

Plus, we explore the history of community careers, share tips on how to prepare for an interview for a community role, and explore what others think working in community means.

Working in community for years and think this guide isn’t for you? Think again. We’ve got insight from community leaders to help you think strategically about how to build a long and fulfilling career in community — and maybe become a Chief Community Officer yourself soon! 

If you’re a new community professional (or looking to transition into the industry), this guide has everything you need to understand what it means to work in community and how to build the skills you need to succeed in your role.

“I intended this book to be like an enjoyable Lonely Planet Guide for community careers,” says Erik Martin, VP of Services at Commsor. “I wanted to share a fun overview of the community space with interesting perspectives from people at all levels, types of companies, and career paths. 

“We're so fortunate to work in this fascinating and emerging and sometimes frustrating industry. I hope it's a helpful guide for tourists, newcomers, and longtime locals.”

The cover for the Community Careers Guide, featuring an illustrated map of the metaphorical community landscape, including mountain ranges, lush forests, a desert, and ice-capped ocean

What’s in The Community Careers Guide?

What’s changed in the community industry?

As more companies see the value in investing in community, veteran community pros reflect on how the industry has changed since they first started.

Community industry roles and titles

A look at the specialization of roles in community management and the different ways community pros can work together on a Community team.

Key skills for working in community

We analyzed relevant job descriptions and consulted community pros across all seniority levels to determine the key skills needed for a range of community jobs.

Transitioning into (or out of) community

Advice on transitioning into the industry, into leadership roles, and out of the community space from people who’ve been there and done that.

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The Land of Community

From the Swamp of Moderation to the River of Retention, the Valley of Scope Creep to the Onboarding River Delta — community pros are intrepid explorers. This guide unpacks just what it means to be one of these brave adventurers.

An illustrated map of the metaphorical community landscape, including mountain ranges, lush forests, a desert, and ice-capped ocean.

Download a high-res version of The Land of Community map.

Shivani Shah
August 25, 2022

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