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Welcome New Members Effortlessly with CommsorOS’s Auto Welcome Message Tool

CommsorOS’s Slack Auto Welcome Message tool takes all the work out of welcoming members so you can nail that first impression.

First impressions matter — and a welcome message to new community members is your chance to make a good one.

The way you welcome new members can set the tone for their experience in the community. It’s an important part of onboarding and can help new members learn more about the community purpose, what to expect from the community, and who’s around to help if they need it.

Welcoming new members is also one of many tasks on a Community Manager’s to-do list and, in an active community that’s steadily growing, a time-consuming one. CMs will often need to track who’s new, find them on Slack, and send them a DM to say hello. This can take hours every week, and there’s the potential a member or two might slip through the cracks.

Enter: CommsorOS’s Slack Auto Welcome Message tool. It takes all the work out of welcoming members — so you can nail that first impression every time.

What is CommsorOS's Auto Welcome Message tool?

The Auto Welcome Message tool sends out a fully customizable welcome message to each new member when they first log in to your Slack community. You can welcome hundreds of new members daily without lifting a finger — set up your Auto Welcome Message once, and CommsorOS will do the heavy lifting.

How does it help you?

  • Your welcome message comes from a person — not a bot — so you can make personal connections right away.
  • The automation reduces your manual tasks and frees up your time to focus on building relationships in your community.
  • Your welcome message is fully customizable and easy to update. You can change your message as often as you need to, keep it updated with the most important information and links, and format it using emojis and markdown to look just how you want it to.
  • You can rest easy knowing that the automation will welcome every new member the moment they log in. No member will slip through the cracks!

Where can I find it?

To set up a Slack Auto Welcome Message, you’ll need to integrate your Slack account with your CommsorOS account. Once that’s done, look for automations in your sidebar, select edit, and start drafting!

screenshot of community os slack automated welcome message tool

3 tips on crafting a great welcome message

1. Send it from the most involved team member

“In most cases, the welcome message should come from whoever is going to be interacting with members on a regular basis,” says Alex Angel, Chief Community Officer at Commsor and The Community Club. “That person will be their primary point of contact for any questions they have, issues they run into, or outreach to get involved, so getting introduced to them up front is ideal.”

2. Make it easy for new members to succeed

Set your message up to give new members the important information they need to understand how your community works, and to encourage them to join the conversation. Some things you can include:

  • Your community’s purpose, and what they can expect from it
  • Where to introduce themselves in the community, or next steps to take
  • A few channels to join as a starting point
  • Who they should get in touch with if they have questions or need help
  • A link to the guidelines, code of conduct, or rules

3. Keep it concise

“Your welcome message should be informative but not overwhelming. If your message is too long or meaty, people may only read the first paragraph or so. If it's unavoidable to have a long message, make sure the most important stuff is up top while you still have their attention,” says Alex.

“Think about what you would want to know when first joining a community. That's usually a good gut check for whether you have the right information available at the right time in the member's journey.”

Remember, you can format your message in CommsorOS, so make it easy to read with short paragraphs, bulleted lists, and bolded headings.

See The Community Club’s welcome message that goes out from our CM Izzy Ortiz

💃🌐🕺 Welcome to The Community Club 🕺🌐💃

Hey, I am so glad you made it in!

This is the Community Club's private Slack for community builders. Together, we help each other navigate the world of community building by sharing resources, strategies, and best practices.

Next Steps 👣

As a part of your onboarding (if you haven't already) we'd love for you to fill out your Slack profile. Please provide a profile picture, fill out your name, what company you work for or community you manage, and any other extra information you want! 🖼️

Once your profile is complete, it's time to introduce yourself! Head over to #02_introductions and tell us your name, what you're working on, any asks/gives, and any other cool stuff you want to share. 😎

Resources and more! 📚

Here are some quick links to important resources that the Club has for our members. 😊

📄 Forum Community

👋 Club Meetsy - Curated 1:1 Introductions

📰 Newsletter

🛳️ Mentorship Program

📖 AMAs, Content Library, Tools, and more!

💼 Talent Network | Twitter

📜 Code of Conduct

Follow the Club 👉 Twitter & LinkedIn

Want to invite your peers to this private Slack community?

👉 Send them this link!

I'm always around as a resource if you need anything or have any questions (or if you just want to chat!). Please don't hesitate to share any feedback or suggestions, too!


Our Auto Welcome Message currently only works for Slack communities.

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Mar 17, 2022

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