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Mar 3, 2022

Automate New Member Onboarding With CommsorOS’s Signup Form

Shivani Shah

Create a Signup Form for your Slack community and manage new member applications directly within CommsorOS — no other tools or integrations necessary.

Picture this: your Slack community is buzzing with activity, and you’re constantly getting notifications that potential new members have hit submit on your application form. That’s great news!

That’s also another tool you need an account for and have to keep track of, whether you use a Google form, Typeform, Airtable form… you get the drift.

With CommsorOS, you can create a Signup Form and manage all your new member applications directly within CommsorOS itself — no other tools or integrations necessary.

What is CommsorOS’s Signup Form tool?

The Signup Form lets you create an application form and add new members directly to your Slack community from within CommsorOS. You can customize your form’s questions, so you can ask potential new members exactly what you need to get the full picture of who your members are.

And the best part? All of the answers will be saved and stored directly in CommsorOS so that all your member data is in one place.

How does it help you?

  • You can choose what questions to ask potential new members and gather relevant insights to make informed decisions about your community.
  • It lets you approve new members before they can join and puts applications in an approval queue for you in CommsorOS. Do you have an open community? No problem! Just turn the approval feature off while creating your form.
  • Add your logo and customize your colors so the form matches your community’s branding on your website, email newsletters, events, and social media accounts.
  • Easily embed the form on your community website, or get a unique link to share with new members — whatever works best for you!
Signup form made using Community OS for Community Chat, a Slack community for community builders

Where can I find it?

Log in to CommsorOS and look for Account at the bottom of the sidebar. Click on Settings and head over to the Signup Form tab under Community Features.

3 things to consider when setting up your Signup Form

1. Keep the future experience in mind

Think about what information you need to make the community a better experience for members once they’re in. Do you host local events? Ask for their location so you can invite them! Do you have special channels or share content targeted towards members in a particular industry or role? Ask what industry they work in or what their role/job title is so you can add them to these channels and keep them in the know.

2. Don’t complicate things

Keep your questions concise and straightforward to avoid confusion and get the answers that’ll help you. You can set open-ended questions or have a drop-down list with options you’d like them to choose from. If you’re targeting specific segments of members, consider creating questions using the drop-down option so the right members fall into the right categories.

3. Make approvals a priority

If your community requires members to be approved, check applications on a daily basis! Make this a ritual for yourself as a CM to keep the community active and prevent a backlog of new members who need to be onboarded.

See the forms in action

  • RevOps Co-Op — a community for professionals working in revenue operations.
  • Pet Care Collective — a community of pet care professionals in veterinary medicine.
  • Testim — a community of people passionate about software quality.
  • Community Chat — a community of community builders (brought to you by Commsor and The Community Club!)

Our Signup Form currently only works for Slack communities, but we do have other platforms on our roadmap.

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