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May 16, 2021

5 New Integrations: Commsor Now Connects with Zapier, Circle, SwagUp, inSided, and Vanilla

Kirsti Lang

So you can do more with Commsor.

Fact: no two communities look the same, function in the same way, or have the same needs.

Which is why we want to enable Community Managers to bring all their members together in a single dashboard — no matter which platform those members engage on — and connect the dots between them.

We're constantly improving on Commsor, bringing us closer and closer to that goal. In the spirit of building in public, we wanted to share the new integrations we've been working on. We've devoted one day this week to each of these shiny new features, and we're down to the last big reveal.

Today we're announcing...

Track all members and activity in your Vanilla community directly in your Commsor Member Dashboard.

🤖 What is Vanilla?

Vanilla is cloud-based customer community software that can help drive loyalty, grow sales, and reduce service costs. It's fully customizable and a one-stop-shop for your branded customer community, featuring user-friendly forums and space for ideation, a knowledge base, and customer Q&As.

🔍  How it works

Our Vanilla integration brings your member data straight into the Commsor Member Dashboard. You'll be able to see all their info at a glance, making it easy to compare them to members meeting you on other platforms.

You'll need Vanilla admin permissions to connect your community to Commsor. For a full guide to using the integration, check out our Vanilla knowledge base article.

A view of the Commsor Member Dashboard and a Member Profile, with the new Vanilla integration

😎 Why it's awesome

With our new Vanilla integration, you'll be able to:

  • Member profile data, directly in Commsor.
  • Cross-platform member tracking (see which members are interacting with you there, vs. Slack vs. Twitter, etc.)
  • The ability to connect your Vanilla community with our other integrations.

✨ How our customers will use it

"This integration will help Community Managers who use Vanilla better understand their members, while also connecting their Vanilla back to other community channels and internal teams," says Mac Reddin, Commsor co-founder and CEO.

"Community Managers will be better able to prove the value of running a community on Vanilla by showing the impact their efforts have on sales, market, support, success, and more."

With our inSided integration, you can see all your inSided community members' data and activities right in the Commsor dashboard.

🤖 What is inSided?

inSided is the leading community platform for B2B SaaS and subscription-based companies. Aimed at improving retention, customer growth, and advocacy, Customer Success teams use it to facilitate customer engagement, self-service, and product feedback and ideation.

🔍  How it works

Our inSided integration brings your data straight from the platform into Commsor. With it, you can see details from inSided for each individual member, as well all their activities, in your Member Dashboard.

You'll need admin permissions on inSided to connect your community to Commsor. For a full guide to using the integration, check out our inSided knowledge base article.

inSided member insights within Commsor.

😎 Why it's awesome

With our new inSided integration, you'll be able to:

  • See member profile data and activity, directly in Commsor.
  • Track members across platforms (see which members are interacting with you there, vs. Slack vs. Twitter, etc.)
  • Connect your inSided community with our other integrations.

✨ How our customers will use it

"inSided is one of my new favorite platforms in the community space, and we've seen more and more of our customers choosing inSided as their main platform," says Mac Reddin, Commsor co-founder and CEO. "It was a no-brainer for us to partner and integrate with them!"

Community managers will be able to use this integration to connect their inSided community efforts back to all their other communities across social media, events, and other platforms, he adds. "They'll also be able to use Commsor and inSided to prove your community's impact on their organization as a whole, across sales, marketing, support, and success."

Our SwagUp integration allows you to send swag to your community members with a couple of clicks. You can also track your orders right in Commsor. Neat, right?

🤖 What is SwagUp?

SwagUp takes the headache out of sending company merch (think cool caps, comfy sweatshirts, and the like) to your community. They source, design, bundle, pack, and send out said swag for you, with little work on your end above uploading your company logo, choosing from their mock-ups and providing recipient details. With our SwagUp integration, the process becomes even simpler.

For a step-by-step guide, check out our SwagUp knowledge base article.

🔍  How it works

This integration connects your SwagUp account to Commsor, so you don't ever have to leave the platform to send swag out to your community members.

To start sending swag, you'll need a SwagUp account (and your details to hand) plus some inventory already in SwagUp.

From there, all you'll have to do is create an order, pick which items you want to send and when you'd like them to ship, and voilà! In a few days, you'll be seeing tweets like this one.👇

Erica Moss shows off Community Club swag

😎 Why it's awesome

With our new SwagUp integration, you'll be able to:

  • Streamline your daily workflow — Commsor automatically gathers all the necessary details.
  • Track your orders right in your Commsor dashboard.
  • Access an automatically-generated list of members who have already received swag (so you can stay on top of things).
Sending swag bags within Commsor is a quick and easy process.

✨ How our customers use it

"Community Managers are always looking to reduce steps in our workflows. Having an integration between Commsor and our favorite swag vendor, SwagUp, helps me streamline the ways that I show appreciation for our Testim customers,"  Tristan Lombard, Community and Social Media Manager at Testim.

Sending out swag to key members of his community is important, he adds. "It helps show appreciation for my customer champion program members." Having a way to do this within Commsor has made this process much simpler.

An email like this one will automatically be sent out to members to gather their details.

"While I have no problem asking people for their preferred mailing address, I do know that some people are less comfortable sharing this information," Tristan says. This really helps when his other teammates reach out to community members, as they might not have a personal relationship with them in the way that he does, as a Community Manager. "Having a link that says 'We have a gift for you' makes the ask that much easier."

"Another key benefit has been the ability to track all status orders in one central location, as opposed to checking various emails," he adds.

"TL;DR — this integration is awesome!"

With our Circle integration, you can manage your Circle community directly in your Commsor dashboard.

🤖 What is Circle?

Circle is a super-customizable community platform that integrates with your creator stack to help turn an audience into a highly engaged community. It's flexible and white-labeled, so you can create everything from a product community to a micro-school.

🔍  How it works

Our Circle integration pulls your membership data and activity straight into the Commsor dashboard, allowing you to see each member's profile at a glance, and all in one place.

It's particularly useful if you have a multi-platform community, even if Circle is your community hub. With Commsor, you can compare members and their interactions across all of our integrated platforms, to give you a clearer picture of what your whole community really looks like.

You'll need admin permissions on Circle, plus an API key (just go to Settings → API on Circle) to get started. For a full guide to using the integration on Commsor, check out our Circle knowledge base article.

Circle member insights within Commsor.

😎 Why it's awesome

With our new Circle integration, you'll be able to:

  • See member profile data and activity from Circle, directly in Commsor.
  • Track members across platforms (see which members are interacting with you on Circle, vs. Slack vs. Twitter, etc.)
  • Connect your Circle community with our other integrations (swag, anyone? 🤫)

✨ How our customers use it

"It's really helped get more insight into what impact our actions in the community have," says Erik Martin, Chief Community Officer at Teal.

He's found Commsor's analytics particularly useful, he adds. "On an individual member level, Commsor's reports and member view help us understand the experience of members, and especially new ones as they are joining the Circle community."

To see which community members fit certain variables, Erik's team would previously have to download CSVs from Circle, upload them to Airtable and apply various filters. Now they can do all that with a few clicks in their Commsor Member Dashboard. "With Commsor, this whole process is faster and easier, and those segments get saved so we can use them dynamically in the future."

This has really helped his team better understand member behaviour, he says. "It's also made it easier to get to know our members and add notes so that we can make more informed introductions when introducing members to each other."

It's a tool so many of our customers rely on to help them take care of their communities, and we're thrilled Zapier is joining our growing list of integrations.

🤖 What is Zapier?

In a nutshell, Zapier is a tool that allows you to automate tasks. With automations (called 'zaps') you can connect two or more apps or services to create smarter workflows — no code required. In the world of community, this tool can be incredibly useful, automating repetitive tasks or administrative work, so you can focus on what's really important — connecting with your members.

🔍  How it works

Our Zapier integration brings your workflow and processes directly into Commsor, allowing you to use your Zapier automations to create or update a community member or activity directly in Commsor.

Zapier users will be able to define what information is added to Commsor and can include any custom properties or information they'd like — as long as it's provided in Zapier. You'll need admin permissions on Zapier to connect your account to Commsor. For a full guide to using the integration, check out our Zapier knowledge base article.

Commsor Member Dashboard Zapier integration
A view of the Member Dashboard and a Member Profile, with the new Zapier integration

😎 Why it's awesome

With our new Zapier integration, you'll be able to:

  • Easily track all members and activity from your Zapier integrations, and view them directly in Commsor.
  • Use Zapier to create or update community members in Commsor.
  • Use Zapier to create activities in Commsor.
A sample zap set up to import rows from GSheets into Commsor as members.

✨ How our customers will use it

Karol Lbik, Operations Manager at WiFi Tribe, is looking forward to seeing how this integration might help simplify some of their processes.

"I'm most excited to have the flexibility to adapt Commsor to our community and the way we operate," Karol says. "That includes the ability to integrate Commsor with 100 — if not more — other services and tools, beyond what is officially offered as integrations."

"Zapier is a service we already utilize and pay for, therefore we have in-house expertise and capabilities to work on creative solutions to address our needs if and when they evolve."

A community's value is not in its size, but how active it is, Karol adds. "A Zapier integration will allow us to connect the insights we gain via Commsor with other key operational areas of our community management and business (such as CRM, marketing emails, product decisions, etc.)."

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