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Mentorship Programs Made Easy With Meetsy

Meetsy helps your People and Development teams seamlessly build, automate, and run a mentorship program.

Setting up a mentorship program that scales with your company’s growth can be a complex, convoluted task.

You need to send out forms and gather applications each time you run the program. Then, you need to sift through hundreds of responses, keep track of attributes or interests, and manually match mentees with the right mentors.

Once you’ve matched them together, who’s responsible for driving the relationship? Is it the mentor who will guide the mentee? Or does the mentee need to come to meetings knowing what they want to do?

And when it’s over, you’ll need to gauge the health of your mentorship program. Do you even know whether they’re meeting? And if they are, how’s it going? You’ll need to send forms (again) to see whether people are getting what they need from the relationship, collate all this information, and make adjustments for the next round.

There are so many moving parts and so many spreadsheets.

With the rise of remote and hybrid work, and companies expanding with global offices, investing in your people with a mentorship program is a competitive advantage for companies.

To run a successful mentorship program, you need to be intentional about creating a valuable experience and reducing friction for everyone involved — your People or Development teams who build and manage it, and your participants whose development you’re investing in.

Meetsy will automate your entire mentorship program for you. From onboarding participants to finding the right matches to gathering data, Meetsy helps your People and Development teams seamlessly build and run a mentorship program.

Why use Meetsy to build your mentorship program?

  • Automates the process and frees up time for your People and Development teams to focus on other important things.
  • Sets up recurring meetings between people who are matched based on the criteria you select.
  • Sends calendar invites, call links, and reminders directly to participants so they never have to worry about setting up a meeting or forgetting to share a link.
  • Lets you set agendas for each meeting to guide participants and make it easier for them to reach their goals.
  • Helps you understand the efficiency of your mentorship program so you can improve its benefits.

4 tips for setting up mentorship programs with Meetsy

Every company runs mentorship programs differently. Some companies might match mentors and mentees based on professional experience, while some might run peer-to-peer mentoring based on their time in the company. Companies might also choose to run mentorship programs aimed at the development of employees they identify as High Performers or High Potential.

Meetsy’s vast and flexible customization options let you set up your mentorship program — or multiple programs at the same time — to meet your goals.

1. Design your signup questions with the mentorship program in mind

Your signup questions are your chance to get the information Meetsy needs to create the best matches. Some basic information to collect for the mentorship program includes:

  1. When they joined your company
  2. How long they’ve worked in the profession or industry
  3. Where they’re located
  4. What team or department they work in
  5. What their professional goals are 
  6. What interests them outside work

You can add signup questions to your company’s Meetsy at any time to keep up with new goals. Meetsy will prompt your employees to answer any new questions the next time they log in to Meetsy.

To automate enrollment into the program, you can ask employees whether they’d like to join when they sign up to your Meetsy. You can also make the program public so that employees who’d like to join later can do so.

2. Use audiences to organize your team and set up matches

Meetsy allows you to organize your team in audiences based on their answers to your signup questions. You can create audiences for multiple criteria, and employees can be part of more than one audience at a time. 

Some audiences you can create for a mentorship program are:

  • Employees who joined your team in the last six months
  • Employees with less than one year of professional experience
  • Employees with more than five years of professional experience
  • What department employees work in
  • Which office (or country or continent or hemisphere) employees are located in

When creating the Match Logic for your mentorship program, you can choose which audiences you’d like members to be matched from.

screenshot of setting up a mentorship program for your company using meetsy

You can layer multiple audiences into your Match Logic if you want to create a more focused mentorship program (or create multiple mentorship programs) based on your goals.

setting up a customized mentorship program for your company with meetsy

You can also manually add employees to audiences (such as High Performers or High Potentials) and create a targeted mentorship program for these groups.

3. Create prompts for mentorship sessions

Mentors and mentees may need guidance and resources to help the relationship succeed, and Meetsy allows you to create specific prompts for each session of the mentorship program. 

While setting up the mentorship program, you can choose how many sessions each pair will meet for, as well as the topic and discussion points for each section. Meetsy has built in prompts to help get you started, and you can add these prompts, create custom prompts, or use a combination of both.

creating prompts to help facilitate discussion in a company mentorship program

These prompts will appear on screen to the right of a Meetsy video chat, giving participants helpful conversation starters that you can design as general or specific.

Session prompts are an optional step while setting up a mentorship program. If you decide to include them, let participants know they’re not required to follow these questions, but they can use them if they need direction.

4. Gather feedback to adjust the program

At the end of each call, Meetsy shows participants a sentiment box to rate how the call was. You can also add custom feedback questions — multiple choice and short answers — to this survey.

Use the survey to ask questions tailored to the mentorship program. You could ask whether participants found the prompts useful, what they found valuable about the session, or even whether they think the whole mentorship program could last for longer!

The responses are stored in Meetsy for you to evaluate so you can adjust the program and make it more valuable for future mentor-mentee relationships.

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May 5, 2022

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