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May 17, 2023

From Tips On Sales to Using AI: A Candid Conversation With Jen Allen-Knuth

Pam Magwaza

In this episode of Ashley and Katrine’s Infinite Revenue Playlist, we're joined by Jen Allen-Knuth, who heads up Community Growth at Lavender.

Ashley & Katrine's Infinite Revenue Playlist is here!

In our very first episode, we're joined by Jen Allen-Knuth, who heads up Community Growth at Lavender. We talk about everything from empowering women in sales to how we can use AI to improve our work and share some controversial takes on mint chocolate chip ice cream.

Here's our latest episode.

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We hope you enjoy the show! Here's what you can expect.

The Art of Social Selling: Finding Your Authentic Voice: TL; DL

Too long didn't listen? Here's a breakdown of our very first episode (major spoilers ahead).

Who's our guest?

💡Name: Jen Allen-Knuth

💡What she does: Community Growth

💡Company: Lavender

💡Noteworthy: Jen is a sales and marketing expert empowering women in sales

Episode recap

Jen is a top-notch sales and marketing pro who is incredibly passionate about empowering women in revenue.

In this episode, she keeps it real, sharing her own experiences, the challenges she's faced, and the importance of elevating women's voices in sales. She encourages women to support each other, break free from traditional (and gross) sales stereotypes, and make some noise.

We also dive into the contentious world of artificial intelligence, especially in email (because Lavender, duh). Jen believes in using AI to streamline things, but we should keep that personal touch that connects us.

She worries that relying too much on AI-generated content could lead to a loss of authenticity and hinder effective communication.

Lastly, our chat touches on the impact of community-building on revenue and the significance of learning out loud. Jen is all for sharing knowledge, experiences and embracing the unique perspectives that early-career professionals can bring to the table.

If you're looking for inspiration and practical advice on dominating the sales profession as a woman, this episode is for you.

Breaking the rules in sales

Boring cold emails and old-school sales tactics are out.

Jen believes shaking things up and going against the norm is how sales pros can stay ahead of the curve and differentiate themselves in the market.

AI tools like Lavender can help with that, but even with their help, you'll still need the human touch and creativity needed to generate unique ideas and strategies. This part of our chat highlights the value of experimentation and challenging conventional wisdom to stay ahead in the fast-paced world of sales.

Building a strong sales community for women

Jen is all about women supporting women. She talks about how raising women's voices in the industry is crucial to breaking the "bro club" culture prevalent in sales.

By sharing experiences, learning out loud, and supporting one another, women can empower themselves and create an inclusive, diverse environment for future generations. She encourages listeners to speak up, get loud, and use their voices to create true change in sales.

Enhancing communication skills through writing

Writing skills are crucial for improving communication abilities — and Jen believes writing is an important skill for sellers, helping them identify gaps in their knowledge and preparing them to have exciting and meaningful customer calls.

While AI tools can assist in increasing efficiency, relying solely on them can make you sound inauthentic and result in losing a sale. She, again, stresses the significance of striking a balance between using AI tools for efficiency and maintaining a human touch to make a lasting impact on customers.

Mic-drop moments

Finding your voice in sales

"I think that we sell better when we're more authentically ourselves, and we're not trying to be a salesperson. I think we sell better when we're vulnerable, and we're like, 'Hey, I don't know this' or, 'I'm not good at this part.'"

To connect with customers, you must speak in your unique voice. For Jen, authenticity and vulnerability are vital when building trust, creating a solid rapport, and closing deals. She also shares her experience finding her voice and how it has helped her succeed in her career.

The controversial mint chocolate chip debate

"People, like, come at me with, 'It tastes like toothpaste.' I'm like, 'Don't eat your toothpaste. Spit it out.' It's weird."

Let's get real about mint chocolate chip ice cream. Is it a flavor explosion or a total flavor flop? Ashley, Katrine, and Jen discuss the dessert that has divided the world and their (controversial) preferences.

The power of women supporting women

"Get loud; support one another."

Nearing the end of this episode, Jen encourages women to lift each other up and create a strong network of support that empowers everyone involved and helps break down barriers in this male-dominated field.

The walk-up song

Walk-up songs are kind of Ashley and Katrine's thing. So here's why they're asking every guest to choose a song that pumps her up and embodies her approach to her role.

Jen chose A Sky Full of Stars by Coldplay. The song has already been added to the Infinite Revenue Playlist on Spotify, which also features walk-up songs from upcoming guests.

Get to know your hosts

Ashley Coghill, Account Executive at Seismic, and Katrine Reddin, Head of Sales at Commsor, were connected as part of Gong's Customer Networking Match Program in 2021 and instantly hit it off.

👉 Learn more about their journey and why they started this podcast here.

Watch The Art of Social Selling: Finding Your Authentic Voice with Jen Allen-Knuth here

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