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Jan 17, 2022

Say Hello to Commsor’s Brand-new Look

Mac Reddin

We’re saying goodbye to our trusty purple ‘C’ and hello to our brand-new dino logo.

It all comes down to a typo.

Earlier last year, someone in our Slack misspelled Commsor as ‘Commsaur’. Of course, our team immediately started making dinosaur jokes and puns — and it stuck.

Over the next few months, dinos somehow became embedded in our company identity, from the names of the colors in our design system (Brontosaurus Purple, anyone?), to fun illustrations (such as this one when Port joined us).

The Commsaur, as we dubbed her, has become our beloved mascot. She developed her own distinct personality which came to represent everything we stand for — she was fun, approachable, a little goofy, and of course, a herd animal: her heart has always been rooted in community.

So we decided to bring the joy of the Commsaur to our external identity. Today, we’re saying goodbye to our trusty purple ‘C’ and hello to our brand-new dino logo.

That’s not all that’s changed: we’ve completely overhauled our website and given the rest of our branding a makeover, too. Head over here and wander through our brand-new site — there’s lots of great content to explore.

Our full-stack community approach

Our full-stack community approach is nothing new, but we’ve clarified and refined it to better share how Commsor is the complete solution for companies with communities:

We combine software, community, and strategic services to give your team the complete, integrated solution you need to succeed.

So yes, a cute dino was something of an inspiration for our brand-new look, but the Commsor ethos remains unchanged: we believe Community-Led companies are the future, and we're here to empower organizations in whatever way we can.

That's why we're building Commsor — not just a platform for Community Managers, but a platform to make entire organizations Community-Led.

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