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Nov 29, 2022

Level up Your Manager Training Programs with Meetsy

Shivani Shah

Meetsy can help your remote Manager Training Programs by providing a space for managers to build relationships and learn from each other.

We’ve all heard the saying — people don’t leave their jobs, they leave their managers. While having a bad manager may not be the number one reason people leave a job, it has a tangible impact on the employee experience. 

In fact, 57% of people have left a job — and 14% have left multiple jobs — because of their manager. That has direct consequences for an organization. “Having a bad manager can lead to poor results, absenteeism, lack of motivation, and high turnover of staff — which itself leads to a whole different set of challenges like loss of expertise, costs associated with replacing roles, and even to damage a company reputation,” says Glenda Gataleta, Global People Ops Partner at Commsor.

“On the other hand, good managers know how to support their people’s growth, and the company benefits from the creativity, productivity, and resilience that people put into their role.”

Good managers are key to motivating employees and driving results. But becoming a good manager takes more than simply being promoted into the role — it requires skill, experience, and continuous learning. For remote and hybrid companies, there's the added layer of complexity in ensuring managers connect and learn across time zones. Meetsy can help your Manager Training Programs by providing a space for them to build relationships and learn from each other.

How to use Meetsy in your manager training programs

1. Host training sessions for groups of managers together

You can use Meetsy’s Group Discussions feature for group training sessions and workshops, which can be set up to meet once or even at recurring intervals. Meetsy can host between three and 200 people for Group Discussions, and you can limit their visibility so that only those employees designated as managers can attend. 

Meetsy has many features to make group conversations easy and inclusive for all participants:

Chat: If there’s a large group of managers on the call, they can use Meetsy’s chat feature to ask questions or add comments during the session and connect without disrupting folks who are presenting. These questions and comments are visible to everyone, even after the call is over, on the welcome page for the Group Discussion.

Discussion topics: A Group Discussion host (i.e. the person who sets up the group call) can set prompts from Meetsy’s library or use custom prompts to create an agenda for the call or give managers an idea of what will be discussed. Participants can see the list of topics or prompts before the call, and the list is also available in the sidebar during the call itself.

Recording: Managers who can’t attend a live session don’t have to miss out on training. While you can run multiple sessions to accommodate people who can’t attend — think prior commitments, time zone conflicts, PTO — you can also record sessions to share later. Managers who miss a live session don’t have to miss out on the conversations in the chat either — as mentioned above, the chat is visible to everyone even after the call is over.

New manager orientation

You can set up a recurring, multi-session orientation program to help new managers learn the ropes and develop skills they need in their new role. Meetsy lets you choose how many sessions to host, and the interval  — how many days, weeks, or months — at which to repeat them. You can host a session on how to have difficult conversations one week, a session on how to manage change the next, another on how to give feedback — your orientation program can be as comprehensive as you need.

using meetsy for group orientation sessions to train newly promoted managers


You can use Group Discussions to schedule workshops or training sessions that are one-off or recur less frequently, such as conflict resolution management or DEI & B training. People outside your organization can attend Group Discussions with an invitation, so you can invite an external consultant to speak with your managers right in Meetsy itself — simply share the call link with the expert.

2. Build Match Programs that encourage learning and support transparent conversations

Match Programs let you connect people for one-on-one calls based on fully customizable criteria. You can choose to match managers from different teams for cross-functional connections or from the same department to build stronger team relationships. You can even layer in rules for connecting managers based on location, time zone, or seniority for more targeted connections.

Manager relationships

A specific manager-to-manager Match Program allows them to connect to one another to share best practices and advice, unblock challenges, learn from the experience of their peers, and build relationships that will help them in their role. You can also complement group training sessions and help combat the forgetting curve with special Match Programs for managers who attend. These programs help continue the conversation for deeper understanding and extended learning opportunities.

High potential employees to manager connects

Individual contributor to manager feels like a natural evolution in career growth, but both roles need different skills — and not everyone wants to be a manager. To help HiPo employees who are on the fence decide before a promotion if management is the path for them, create a Match Program where they connect with different managers at your company. 

connecting high potential employees with managers for career development conversations using meetsy

This can give them a clearer picture of the day-to-day of the job, the challenges and rewards, and if it’s the right move for their career. It will also help you ensure you’re promoting employees who will thrive in managerial positions and challenge themselves to be good managers for their teams.

3. Build Mentorship Programs for stronger relationships

You can create a dedicated Mentorship Program to pair new managers with those who have more managerial experience. A Mentorship Program for managers can give new managers the opportunity to ask questions, get advice, and learn from the experiences of their mentor. It can also give mentors a chance to share their knowledge and strengthen company culture as they help new managers become skilled in their role.

Meetsy makes it easy to build a Mentorship Program with features such as recurring matches and discussion prompts. You can set it up so that mentors and mentees match with each other for multiple sessions, and you can even set agendas and discussion prompts to give them resources during their calls.

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