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Dec 19, 2022

Harness the Power of Many-to-Many Connections with Meetsy’s Group Discussions

Shivani Shah

Create spaces for members to gather in groups to talk about their ideas, experiences, and challenges — or simply get to know the person behind the profile pic.

One of the many reasons to love community is that it helps members create connections with one another. With tens, hundreds, and even thousands of folks in a community, members can connect with each other in a myriad of meaningful ways.

Creating spaces for members to gather in groups gives them the chance to talk about their ideas, experiences, and challenges — or simply get to know the person behind the profile pic.

Group Discussions on Meetsy let you — and your members — do just that.

What is Meetsy’s Group Discussions Feature?

Group Discussions allow between three and 200 people to connect on a video call, which can be set up for a one-time meeting or multiple meetings at recurring intervals. You can choose whether to set an attendee limit (up to 20 people) or leave it open to the maximum 200 participants allowed.

Group Discussions can even be private (allowing only certain people to join), or they can be made visible to all the members of your community.

How does it help you?

  • There’s no limit on the number of active Group Discussions you or your members can host, giving your members abundant opportunities to connect over diverse, shared goals.
  • Calendar sync means Group Discussions automatically get added to members’ calendars if they’ve signed up to join a call, reducing a logistical nightmare with large groups of members.
  • With a chat tool built in, members can ask questions or share comments during the call, letting them take part in the discussion without interrupting anyone who’s speaking.
  • The chat stays active in recurring Group Discussions so members can even chat with each other between calls, keeping the conversation alive and building connections.
  • You can record video calls and share them with members who’ve signed up but can’t attend a call because of a conflict.
  • You can use custom prompts or discussion topics (or choose from Meetsy’s library) for each call to set an agenda. These prompts or topics are visible to members who have signed up before the call and in the sidebar during the call too.
  • You can invite guests who aren’t part of your community to take part in a Group Discussion call by simply sharing a link. Think industry experts and team mates to give your community access to wider knowledge and experience.

Where can I find it?

Log in to your Meetsy account and toggle to the Admin tab in the left sidebar. Click on Group Discussions, then the Create New button, and you’re ready to begin!

How to set up group discussions for community members using Meetsy

6 ways to use Group Discussions in your community

1. Onboard new cohorts of members together

Welcome new community members in cohorts with a group call as part of their onboarding process. This lets you make a personal connection with them right away, and it gives new members a chance to meet one another in a smaller group. This can be especially helpful to new members who might not feel comfortable jumping into or starting conversations in a large community or even a small, tight-knit one.

2. Create learning opportunities

Bring community members together for synchronous, interactive learning opportunities like AMAs, workshops, and book clubs. You can set up a monthly (or weekly) recurring Group Discussion, creating a ritual for members and increasing community engagement.

👉 Learn more in our 5-step guide to hosting engagement-driving AMAs

3. Organize social hangouts

Your members don’t always need an agenda to get together. Use Group Discussions to set up recurring meetings where members can just hang out, chat, and learn more about each other. The Community Club, which has members from around the world, hosts monthly regional hangouts for members at different times of the day to cover a range of time zones.

4. Work together (alone)

With the rise of remote and hybrid work, it can sometimes get lonely for folks who work from home. Host virtual co-working sessions where members can work ‘together’, increase productivity, and stay accountable. You can also host group meditation sessions so folks can build wellness to start (or end) their days. At Commsor, we host both weekly co-working and meditation sessions on Meetsy for our remote team to be more connected to one another.

5. Build a group mentorship program

In addition to one-on-one mentorship pairings, you can create a group mentorship program on Meetsy. “Group mentorship programs are more on the spectrum of instruction and learning, and there’s a different dynamic when there’s more than just one person,” says Erik. “It's less personal focused, but the mentees benefit from each other's questions and the relationship with each other too.”

Make sure there’s a purpose to why a particular set of mentees is being put together. “Even if it's just that time logistics worked out, if they’re all transitioning to an industry, or they’re roughly at the same stage of their career,” says Erik. “That should be clear and shared with the group.”

6. Let members take the reins

Creating avenues for members to engage with one another is an important part of a Community Manager’s role, and it’s also one of many different things on a CM’s plate at any given time. Meetsy lets any member start a Group Discussion, empowering them to bring people together and taking some of the pressure off you.

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